Tablet tips & tricks

A short discussion about tablets including a review of alternate nibs. Check out my other videos for tutorials on actually creating digital art. Nguồn: Xem thêm: Read more

DJ Tips | How to setup your DJ Laptop

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* Trước đây không lâu Rin Nguyen Daily đã nghĩ sơn móng tay gel phải ra tiệm vì nó cầu kỳ và rất khó làm. Tuy nhiên, thật bất ngờ… Read more

10 Tips For Drawing Smoother Lines In Procreate (#Shorts)

#Shorts #Procreate #tutorial Satisfying digital art process using Procreate and iPad Pro. 🖊 Brushes: Monoline ✍️ App: Procreate 🎨 Color Palette: Color Hunt 📱 Tablet: iPad Pro + Apple Pencil… Read more

Personal Project – Slick's Oil Cooled PC Computer Showcase Linus Tech Tips

It may not be MY personal project, but it is A personal project. This thing is badass, and it also happens to be the origin of Slick’s nickname. Slick… Like… Read more

Easy Tips for a LEMONADE STAND!

Lemonade stands are an amazing activity for kids. Here’s an easy way to create one and some tips to squeeze the most out of your lemonade stand. 😋🍋 Subscribe to… Read more

iMac M1 – Tips Tricks & Top Features!!

Thanks so much for checking out my iMac M1 Tips, Tricks and Top Features, these really are amazing computers from apple and hopefully you learnt a lot about them in… Read more

Windows 10 Performance Tips to Speed Up Your PC!

These are the performance tips for Windows 10 that will speed up your PC! If you have a slow computer or suffering lag in any of your programs or games,… Read more

Top 15 Microsoft Word Tips & Tricks

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn the top 15 best Microsoft Word tips and tricks. 👋 Resources called out in this video: – Follow along this tutorial with this document: ⌚… Read more

Windows 10 Performance Tips to Speed Up Your Computer (EASY)

These 12 tips I show you will speed up the Windows 10 performance on your computer. I will show the quick and easy ways on how to make Windows 10… Read more
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