Amazon Fire HD Tablet tips and tricks: 10 cool features to try!

Amazon has dominated the affordable tablet market with the Fire tablet. It’s great for movies, games and e-book reading, but there’s more to it than that. Check out Cam’s top tips and tricks to try on your Amazon Fire tablet.

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Amazon Fire HD Tablet

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00:00 – Intro
00:36 – Find your settings menu
00:49 – Enable Alexa and make it hands-free
01:13 – Change your wake word
01:38 – Enable ‘Show Mode’
02:02 – Customise ‘Show Mode’
02:32 – Customise Alexa subtitles
02:48 – Lock Screen device dashboard
03:20 – App pinning
03:56 – Schedule Smart Suspend
04:17 – Automatic Blue Shade
04:35 – Reorganise your library

Shot, presented and edited by Cam Bunton

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  1. Hi I’ve got a important question! My father passed away June 2021 and his caregiver had given him the Amazon Fire HD8 generation 5. Well, I’ve charged it but it doesn’t open up. So, is there any way I could get off the only screen that it shows Amazon and that’s useless! It’s not responding to rebooting (turning off then back on) I want to write a couple of children’s books and a book about our family’s amazing adventures growing up in Southern California; pretty trippy book I hope! Could you recommend anything that might turn this expensive toy? Thanks so if you can & even if you aren’t able too!!
    Cynthia Engle😅

  2. So in other words do not use your own brain and fingers to operate this simple device. Give it all over to an electronic entity. I just wanted to find out how to WATCH my self-produced videos. No help here!

  3. Excellent tips.
    I just bought an Amazon Fire HD10 Tablet in Amazon UK and I'm just discovering as is my first Amazon device ever.
    One thing that I notice is the absence of the Google Play store, means that no access to many of my used apps, to access for example foreign Newspapers apps that will allow me to read when offline.
    I check the net with some tips but different opinions and different files to be installed.
    Did you already reviewed this subject.??
    Appreciate all your possible help. Best Regards.

  4. 📍Thanks for the help. By chance do you know How to access Messenger Gifs on Fire tablets. Amazon keyboard, is limited. IF you know, Really appreciate Answer. Also do you know What "Jailbreak" meanls? I've been accused if it on a Game I've played for yrs,on Amazon. Thanks

  5. Okay this is driving me crazy.
    Why is there no "square button"?? I have been trying to pin an app for my disabled daughter at 3 in the morning and I'm literally about to go crazy with 25 different tutorials telling me to "use the square button" that literally doesn't exist.

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