10 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Fleas

Fleas are seemingly impossible to get rid of. As soon as you’ve annihilated them from one place, like, for example, your house or yard or pets, it doesn’t mean they’re gone; it only means that they already found another place to breed themselves into a widespread infestation.

First of all, you need to remember that nothing will replace a good old cleaning. All the remedies and repellents will have a much better effect if you combine them with vacuuming, shampooing carpets, and of course, bathing your pets if you have them. But don’t rush to spread poisonous toxins all over. There are natural ways to alleviate this tiny pest! Take these cool life hacks that’ll help you immensely in your struggle against these horrible pests.

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Vinegar sprays 1:16
Lemon sprays 2:13
Rosemary 2:54
Flea trap 3:43
Cedar chips 4:34
Diatomaceous earth 5:12
Baking soda or salt 6:30
Pinewood sawdust 6:53
Nematodes 7:30
Sulfur or boric acid 8:04

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– A good recipe will contain vinegar – fleas hate it! The easiest one to get at any time would be apple cider vinegar. Just mix it 1 to 1 with water, and spray the areas where you’ve seen fleas.
– Vinegar is extremely effective, but if you don’t like the smell, you may want to try something else. Lemons need to be shredded in thin slices and dropped into water with all the juice and peel. Lemon peel has another helpful effect – it has essential oils in it, which are also universally hated by fleas.
– Just grind some dry rosemary into dust and sprinkle it around your house. It won’t do much for the existing infestation, but it’ll prevent any future ones.
– Fleas are uncontrollably attracted to light in the dark, especially yellow light. The easiest way to use this against the fleas is to set a small light right over a big dish that’s filled with a water and dish soap mixture.
– If letting your dog out in the yard is scary due to pesky jumpers hopping on their back, just find those shady places where your pet likes to lay a lot. If you can, fence it away from Fido, and then drop some cedar chips around the area.
– Diatomaceous earth is the most convenient way to get rid of fleas in your yard. First – because they’ll stand out from it too much visually, and second – because it’s lethal for fleas, but almost perfectly harmless to anything else.
– Baking soda or salt are perfect if you still don’t trust DE or other unfamiliar remedies. It won’t be as effective, and you may need to repeat the process of sprinkling it all over the place and vacuuming it up several times.
– Pinewood sawdust will scare flees away in no time, but obviously, don’t try to use it in the house. It’s more of an outdoors thing that can help you secure your house from recontamination after you’ve cleaned it from floor to ceiling.
– Nematodes are small and constantly hungry worms that will chomp their way through your entire yard, eating any bug smaller than them. What’s good about these worms is that they’ll leave absolutely no flea eggs or larva on the ground.
– Sulfur or boric acid are fine powders or solutions that are cheap and easy to find in any pharmacy. They’ll be lethally toxic for fleas if you sprinkle them thinly.

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  1. I don't want to mess with all this trouble vacuuming constantly ,and driving my animals crazy or maybe hurting my pets , so just use advantage 2 for cats, put it on back of the neck,and it kills fleas and ticks and the cycle,or advantix for dogs.

  2. How to stop ad ‘who is les mills – one of the most irritating ads ever – that and the Judy Dench one lecturing in her hard ‘I’m wonderful’ voice currently on radio. Judy Dench is a national nuisance.

  3. A small usb lamp and sticky tape can do. Make a sticky tape roll, sticky side outward. Put it on the tiles or wooden floor, not carpets. Put the lamp above the sticky tape roll. It will catch lots of fleas.

    One other thing, fleas love warm too. Use your creative way to put some sticky tapes under the computer. I invented this a couple weeks ago and caught lots of fleas today.

    I wanna try vinegar on the sofa. Decreasing their growth rate. And reduce their number at the same time. Hoping to get rid of them one day.

  4. So I just applied drops to my dog yesterday and most of it was just in her hair. I tried my best to get it on her skin. Will it still work? I guess I’ll find out in a few days lol

  5. White vinegar is actually a natural deodorant if you spritz it under your arms. You smell like a subway sandwich at first but after a few hours you won’t have body odor for days

  6. PLEASE!..Don't use ANY citrus oils around cats!!…Just breathing the essential citrus oils can do liver damage to cats!!…Do your research on this to protect your cats…They can have adverse reactions to things that won't bother dogs…..

  7. I discovered my 2 dogs got flees from playing with the neighbour dogs & it spread life a wild fire downstairs as it was just dry dark dirt , so l put soap water in a few deep open plates or shallow wide soup bowls & all those flees jump in & died , then l sprayed vinegar in my house after l sprinkle baking soda all about

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