Top 9 Gaming Laptop MISTAKES (And How To Avoid)!

These are the top 9 mistakes that you’re making with your gaming laptop and how to avoid them! Share other mistakes you’ve made with your laptop in the comments!
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Dusty laptop image source from Reddit user stormcomponents:


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  1. Have you made any of these mistakes with your gaming laptop? 🤔

    Check out my top 9 gaming laptops hacks in 2 minutes next!

    LOTS of comments saying "just get a pc lol it's faster" as the video has been suggested out to a much larger audience than usual. A few things: Firstly, an RTX 3060 desktop is only like 8% faster than a laptop for similar money: Secondly, not everyone just sits at home, some people need portability, and even if the device is only used at home not everyone has space to maintain a dedicated area for a full on PC setup, or the money to have both a PC and cheaper laptop. Thirdly, why are you clicking on a video with laptops in the thumbnail if this is what you think?

  2. always disable updates and read what ppl are saying about the updates. worst case it makes your pc near unusable (only ever seen this once). the avg problem is it messes with certain apps and makes performance horrible (yes games too). they also will change things in your settings without telling you which is a big no no if you customize your pc a lot. windows is a predatory company and should be treated as such with caution. its not hard to see the update notif, wait a day and read what it did and how it affects ppl.

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