Tips To Use iPad Air 4 As Laptop Replacement

Tips To Use iPad Air 4 As Laptop Replacement | Lets look how at how we can get the most out of the iPad Air 4 and use it as a laptop replacement. I will talk about the short comings of iPadOS and iPad Air 4 and list apps which will address those short comings. Everything from using password protected folders to installing fonts on the iPad Air 4 and using remote desktop to connect to your PC. We will also talk about essential iPad Air 4 accessories in order to use the iPad similar to how
you use a laptop.

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  1. Its my first time watching vid on this channel, but I’ve already loved it since he answered all of the essentials questions that I’ve ask myself for getting an Ipad. Easy to understand, not too fancy and distractions. One subscriber for you man, and a big thumbs up 👍🏻🔥. All the best in the future

  2. Seriously man you are highly lifting my spirits on buying iPad Air

    I was literally hoping to buy iPad for maybe 2 years but I couldn’t because of some financial problems and also because I was worried that I can’t work on iPad like how I used working on laptop but watching you give these amazing tips and helpful points I really want to get know immediately 😂

  3. I hate that the software is so limited compared to a laptop.For my university study I can’t use an iPad because most Programms won’t run properly or won’t run at all on iPad os

  4. I had to buy ipad 9th gen but i have a question that if i bought it and i also buy a usb hub than can i able to connect any third party company like dell or any other company keyboard with that? Or that will not be supported in 9th gen pls help me 🙏🏻

  5. I just sold my MacBook Air and I’m going to be using the iPad as a replacement. The reason I sold my MacBook was because I hated the keyboard and I wasn’t utilizing it enough to justify the price I paid for it.

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