The Gaming Laptop of the Year… and an EPIC Mistake – Asus ROG 2022 Laptop Lineup

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We’ve got 8 new gaming laptops from Asus, lets check them out.

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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High

Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 – Intro
0:27 – AMD
0:40 – Ltt Intro
0:51 – What is in the Mothership??
1:26 – Flow Z13
4:53 – Zephyrus G14
7:11 – Strix Scar 15
8:01 – Zephyrus Duo 16
9:24 – TUF Laptops
10:08 – Ting
10:51 – Outro


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  1. I had a strix g15 and it had graphics issues Best Buy couldn’t resolve they couldn’t give me another cause they didn’t have any but he offered to replace it (4 year warranty was purchased was like 400$) they had a new zephyrus g14 402 and I was kinda bummed at first but man for a smaller package it beats the g15 in every way

  2. I really want ASUS shifting to their Tablet format. I like the fans' intake/venting orientation. Really prefer tablet form factor over laptops for media consumption particularly. Hope they get iPad/Surface Pro level stylus support at some point as well. Tablet PC > iPad.

  3. Imagine being told you cant push the A button on the new controller for 2 days and you're only allowed to use the left stick unless you have a certain amount of subs.

    No one can seriously say money as the reason they don't demand transparency because it's Linus we're talking about and by this point, we've all seen how much he spent on the LTT screwdriver.

    Don't test or review things that manufacturers aren't confident will perform the way they claim.

  4. I would buy a flow z13 because i do use word, Photoshop, digitial sketching with pen and 3d modeling and architecture CAD , daily, so since the conceptd 7 ezel pro is the perfect form factor for my workflow, it's hardware specs is behind and too expensive simultaneously, so this asus flow z13 will do.

  5. This Laptops are a joke compared to the "Asus Zephyrus 16 Duo 2022 Version" This double Screen Laptop hits different. I can Play Minecraft on the main Screen while having Cornhub on the second display. They really ment 2 Displays zero boundaries. Lmao 💀

  6. hello linus tech, you got any extra gaming laptop? my first laptop bought is acer nitro 5 an515-42 got multiple driver problem, then I buy PC used from my friend and the graphic driver burn although I only play apex legends.. i don't know why my bad luck like this. no money to buy any new gaming laptopppp

  7. ASUS product are so bad, they all need service. Service is so bad, you wish you would have opted for HP, Leno, Dell.

    ASUS is not like Apple, where performance is reduced year on year. They go for Shutdown, after the warranty is over.

    ASUS Mobile division is however closed, Hope they exit from India completely.

    Higher the Value = Greater the Mistake, that's ASSUSE

  8. just got the 6700s G14 and i absolutely love it, but under loads it runs SO HOT and SO LOUD which isn't really a problem but i have serious concerns about it's longevity with such thermals. also, it supports m.2 drives above 1tb — i popped in a 4tb m.2 and it works flawlessy with temps around 40-45c

  9. Did they ever do a review on the Tuf F lineup especially intrested in the Tuf Dash 15 11650H 3060 with 16gb ram ddr5 and 512ssd all for 1700 cad regular price. Seems like very good deal for the specs biggest let down is the screen being 1080p 250 nits

  10. My classmate once brought his asus rog but he knows nothing about laptop stuff, when he asked me how to close something i told him "just hit the x " and he literally hit the "x" button on the keyboard..

  11. i bought an X14 and my friend bought a TUF F15 about an almost ditto specced – i5 12500H & RTX 3050…..and it easily keeps up with the Alienware, while being almost half the price…if that is not impressive as a budget laptop, then what is?

    show some love,
    to the tuf!

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