10 Tips For Drawing Smoother Lines In Procreate (#Shorts)

#Shorts #Procreate #tutorial
Satisfying digital art process using Procreate and iPad Pro.

🖊 Brushes:

✍️ App: Procreate
🎨 Color Palette: Color Hunt
📱 Tablet: iPad Pro + Apple Pencil
🧤 Glove: Huion Artist Glove
💎 Screen Protector: iCarez Matte Screen Protector
📷 Camera: Sony A7 III
👁 Lens: Sony 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 FE OSS
💡 Light: Pixel G1s RGB LED Video Light
🎵 Music: Epidemic Sound

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  1. What are some tips for people with tremors? I don’t drink caffeine, but I have tremors (hereditary), but I love to draw. The tremors will probably get worse throughout my life, they have already worsened since I developed them at 17 and I am 23 now.

  2. I draw my lines small yet long at the same time, sometimes it can cause a more organic look to it that makes your art say “ya I know I’m amazing and I didn’t even try” or maybe that’s just me I am a beginner 💀

  3. These are some very handy art tips! (Though it'll be hard for me to use my shoulder to move rather than my wrist in art – but I guess I can do it, and it'll stop some of the strain on my wrist lol)

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