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  1. Lost a bit of credibility there when you said it’s about the RGB and looks of fans.
    If air stats didn’t matter, then Noctua wouldn’t be a booming business.

    I still purchase on the focus of air stats and sound level.
    No point getting a low sound fan and get very little airflow.

  2. I use a powered USB hub + hub switcher + a USB laptop dock to jump devices between a desktop and a laptop. I only occasionally have issues with the setup. I have another setup where I attach a bunch of webcams to a laptop. On that setup, I can reliably have exactly one active camera at a time on the hub. When using that setup, one of my scenes in OBS is "Blank screen" which provides enough time to turn off the active webcam and then select another scene to turn on a different camera. Sometimes I can get 2-3 cameras going at one time but depends heavily on how fast the PC/laptop can process USB data and the manufacturer of the device. Trying to get multiple cameras to work is not worth the hassle. For really cheap devices, two identical devices from the same manufacturer won't function on the same computer but basically identical devices from different manufacturers will. The USB handshake protocol might also have a requested data rate as part of the device activation process. As long as sufficient bandwidth exists, the requests will be satisfied. So basically the first device to post their device ID and request bandwidth wins.

  3. I use a USB hub for my ring light, charging my wireless mouse and any other USB powered devices like a fan when I get hot in the summer. I don't really use it for carrying signal to the PC though so I guess I am fine there.

  4. There is still one place in pc where you need a static pressure cooler – in ur PSU. It is rarely changed, tho, so ppl just do not normally even think about it, but in case you need to replace it – look for static pressure one. Other than that – totally agree with the fans part.

  5. My CPU is 14 years old, and its still going strong, already swapped my GPU out about 7 years ago, i could almost change that again and my CPU would keep up, it was a rocket back then….

    i7 -2600 3.4 GHz

  6. i had no dramas with a mouse and keyboard and sometimes a racing wheel plugged into a 3 metre usb hub and it was golden so for standard peripherals i've found it's absolutely fine.

  7. Using a hub for a 4K camera is one thing, but I'm skeptical that anyone would notice a difference for keyboards, mice, game controllers, and even things like printers.

  8. It's interesting that AMD uses a copper insert in an aluminum heat sink because they have a galvanic reaction with each other that results in corrosion (this is why you shouldn't use copper crush washers on an aluminum engine block for the drain plug seals on a car). I'm curious as to if they have a solution to prevent that, or if they're just sending it. Anyone here know?

  9. Defragmenting on spinning disks is not (primarily) for drive health. It's putting files (and even groups of files that are read at the same time) in a single straight line on the drive, so that it can read all of them as fast as possible, without having to move the head from one spot to another.

    SSDs on the other hand actually REQUIRE data to be spread out physically to get the maximum speed. If you aren't using all the NAND chips, some of them could be giving you more data and aren't – you aren't getting full speed. To make this simple for users, the drives internally fragment everything into 4KB blocks, and spread those blocks across the physical chips. This means if you defragment files on an SSD, physically what you are doing is shuffling all the data to have it fragmented differently. It's still fast, it's still stored well – you just wasted your time, and used up some of the lifetime of your drive for no benefit.

  10. Interesting note on hubs. I keep a usb hub handy because of the amd chipset debacle where usb devises like intel realsense cameras and hp reverb g2 are unable to connect to amd motherboards. Just noting because for many people hubs increase functionality and some devices work better on a hub.

  11. I choose my fans based on size, which way they are powered (magnetic, all of them are magnetic) and, of course, static pressure to suck out and move the air out through the radiator.
    And on top of that, they got RGB, of course xD

  12. It annoys me to absolutely no end that a fundamental feature of USB (chaining devices off hubs) STILL works about as well as using a lawnmower for a haircut.

    And I still remember manually juggling IRQs to get all my ISA cards to play together, and having special boot options to make sure I had enough free RAM for certain games. (Ah, the good old days when hard disks were still measured in base-2 *megabytes*.)

  13. To this day I haven't found out how to switch off that RGB crud on my Asus Strix 450. Or at least make it do something useful like turn from green to red with gpu temp or such. I'd solder it out, but I'm afraid that might actually prevent the board from firing up.

  14. Oh, and I should note, critical parts should be maintained nearby. Most big brand manufacturers use system specific parts, so if a dell server fan dies, you probably can't just use one from a local shop or best buy.

  15. There's 1 fact about stock coolers that has always been something to consider. The fans do go bad (all moving parts will eventually fail). If you leave your computer on, HOPEFULLY it'll make noise when it's lifetime is nearing an end and you're nearby during the time of this sound – and hopefully you recognize something isn't right. If you turn it off, the fan could simply fail to startup. Many computers will warn you of this, but that feature could be disabled or simply not be available for some reason. Having an oversized metal cooler was always the extra layer of protection I recommended. It was more important on servers, but any computer that was "critical" should be looked at with the idea: What COULD go wrong and let's plan for that.

  16. About the PSU. I still use Corsair HX1000W PSU from 2008 with my photoediting/gaming setup. I ran SLI with 8800GTX back in 2008 and now the same PSU runs Ryzen 3900X + RTX 4070Ti. That old Corsair still remains silent with proper dust off every now and then. At some point I lost the extra modular 8pin PCIE cables I would have needed for RTX4080 so I picked 4070Ti and still tripled my gaming performance versus GTX1080. Asus TUF 4070Ti required only 2x8pin PCIE cables for the 16pin adapter. Money saved and gaming experience went through the roof @ 4K. Raytracing may not apply tho…

  17. I just built an Optiplex for gaming with a Haswell i5, the stock Dell cooler is whisper quiet. With 100% core use it is only 50 odd degrees C. I'm going to stick a 4690K in which has higher clocks and see how it goes then with a 400mhz hike in base clock.
    I was watching when you had the triple Titan SLI.

  18. I honestly don't think Hard Drive speeds matter.
    I got into the SSD craze back in the day and I played LoL…. and I noticed that I loaded the game in seconds and then had to wait for everyone else…. so it really didn't matter. Same with World of Tanks…. you still have to wait for everyone else so your epic speed really amounted to nothing but a stroke of your pride.

    I also don't really see a need to OC anything unless you are doing it for a competition. Most issues people have with gaming these days comes from poor optimization forcing your PC to brute force the problem.

    Maybe my next PC build will have 128GB of ram … why? Who cares, that's why!

  19. About the PSU, I would recommend to get the highest power and efficiency you can because usually they last ages! Some manufactures offers 10 years warranty! So if you can, buy 1kW Titanium so it’ll probably last longer than any other PC component…

  20. To get 1000W from an 80% efficient PSU, you need to pull 1250W, not 1200W from the wall 🙂

    Regarding USB Hubs – does that apply to docking stations for laptops as well?

  21. I had the nice AMD copper/aluminum with the pretty RGB fan. My CPU was hitting 104 with no overclock just from zoom meetings (which is worse than video games, Zoom needs to work on their code). I felt I had to switch to an AIO water cooler.

  22. ca 6:30 – Fragmenting the Drives: youre right. The point of fragmenting a HDD was back in the day, to get the right priority of files and chosen by that reallowcate the sectors, so for example, OS files got in sectors of the disk, where the HDD can access more quickly. Also checking the files, bits and sectors in Terms of health status, checking for bads, checking also TOC and so on.

    IF you have a SSD problem, try maybe chkdsk with some parameters. May help better. Also dont forget your 2 best friends: diskmgmt.msc and diskpart.exe.
    Why both? I got on especially old or much much used Drives different responses between these two! If that happens, the drive is really bad. A hint for me, to replace it.

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