150+ Mac Tips and Tricks

You think you know the Mac? Think again. Introducing, the Big List of Mac Tips by Snazzy Labs.
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0:43 – Quick Look –
2:21 – DND toggle
2:34 – Batch file renaming
3:16 – Window management and tiling
3:50 – Finder toolbar customization
4:30 – Common items in Finder toolbar
4:56 – Finder preferences
6:11 – Hidden files toggle
6:30 – Frequent Finder folder hotkeys
6:58 – Show path/status bar in Finder
7:29 – Finder pane view hotkeys
7:43 – Quick Look preview pane toggle
8:13 – Pane view column rescaling
8:47 – List view item scaling
9:02 – Finder advanced search filters
10:24 – Smart Folder setup
12:20 – Move original file in Finder
12:53 – Web browser navigation hotkeys
13:14 – Safari per-site settings
13:38 – Safari master site preferences
14:32 – Web form navigation hotkeys
15:16 – Safari recover browser history
16:00 – Exclude files from Time Machine
16:27 – Rapid-fire Safari tips
17:06 – Safari bookmark applet in Dock
18:27 – PIP in Safari (and other browsers)
19:00 – General keyboard shortcuts for navigation in macOS
19:24 – Paste text without formatting
19:50 – Every macOS screen shot tip you ever wanted
21:12 – Granular volume/brightness control
21:38 – Emoji character palette
22:02 – Application / Window switcher
22:41 – F5 dictionary word auto-complete
23:09 – Three finger tap “Look Up” alternative
23:33 – Spotlight power-user features

*** 24:41 – TERMINAL TIPS ***

24:51 – Screenshot format (can change JPG to: PNG, TIFF, PDF)
Paste this: defaults write com.apple.screencapture type JPG

25:36 – Mac App Store update check frequency (change 7 to any number of days)
defaults write com.apple.SoftwareUpdate ScheduleFrequency -int 7

26:13 – Disable character accent menu (revert by changing ‘false’ to ‘true’)
defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false

26:44 – Keep Mac running (end by closing Terminal window or pressing Control+C)

27:23 – Expand print dialog by default (revert by changing TRUE to FALSE)
defaults write -g PMPrintingExpandedStateForPrint -bool TRUE

27:49 – Re-enable classic Mac boot chime (restore default by changing %00 to %01)
sudo nvram StartupMute=%00

28:21 – Add dock spaces (remove by dragging space off dock like normal)
defaults write com.apple.dock persistent-apps -array-add ‘{“tile-type”=”spacer-tile”;}’; killall Dock

28:55 – Dock transition/reveal delay
defaults write com.apple.dock autohide-delay -float 0; killall Dock (reduces delay)
defaults write com.apple.dock autohide-time-modifier -float 0; killall Dock (removes animation)

1. Opt+Cmd+D – Toggles dock show/hide
2. Add AirDrop to Dock (a) go to Finder, (b) press Shift+Cmd+G, (c) paste this: /System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app/Contents/Applications/ (d) drag AirDrop icon into Dock
3. Pin Dock elsewhere quickly by holding Shift and dragging by “line” on Dock

29:54 – Set lock message on lock screen
30:27 – Move window in background without disrupting foreground
30:36 – Mac screen sharing / VNC settings
31:40 – Three finger window drag
32:13 – Move items around in menu bar (and remove)
32:30 – Find WiFi network password
33:08 – Modifier keys for hot corners
33:53 – Use Siri to show keychain password
34:09 – Toggle DND on iMessage thread and share screen
34:26 – Quick print from Desktop
34:52 – Print envelope from Contacts app
35:07 – Dialog box cancel hotkey
35:28 – Add items from iOS device with Continuity

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  1. I just joined the Apple Ecosystem after being an android user all my life and omg you have saved me from losing my mind trying to figure out how to navigate this laptop. Very helpful Thank You so much!!!!

  2. Quick question for You. On the right hand side of the computer screen there was an icon that looked like an external hard drive. But it had the Mac Time Machine Logo on it. My question is : How did You create that Logo on that icon????

  3. The Printer on desktop is a great tip, but it is a bit easier to just type command + P with the file selected and the same thing will happen with no dragging and no printer on the desktop.

    Great tips! usually I avoid these videos because most of them are "the Mac has a control center" or "look… widgets." This tip video is THE BEST tip video I have ever watched for Mac OS and I definitely implemented several of the tips right after I picked my jaw back up off the floor!

  4. one I noticed that was missing, and I think maybe because Quinn likes "Hide" more than "Minimize" when tabbing through the "Command + Tab" menu if you have a window minimized for a specific app, holding down "Option" when you let go of the "Command" key will un-minimize the window for that app from the dock.

  5. Thank you for your videos! You're such a great resource for me in my switch to wonderful M1 hardware with an unexpectedly difficult OS to learn! By the way, I think this video could also be appropriately entitled 150+ reasons why it's needlessly difficult to become a power user in macOS. Or ~100 keyboard shortcuts you'll probably never remember because …was that shift+cmd+Ctrl or was that cmd+option or was it fn+shift+cmd+Ctrl??????? Or 150+ reasons Apple was smoking crack while designing macOS keyboard shortcuts and other reasons you need expensive 3rd party apps to make your OS work in a logical and simpler way. By the way, my wife, a loving and loyal Mac user, said "you're right" for the first time ever when I complained today about macOS keyboard shortcuts being so illogical. There is that for me to be appreciative about. Hopefully this made you smile.

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