What's Up: May 2019 Skywatching Tips from NASA

What’s up in the May sky? A meteor shower produced by debris from Halley’s Comet, asteroids named after dinosaurs and a “blue moon” on May 18th.

Additional information about topics covered in this episode of What’s Up, along with still images from the video and the video transcript are available at

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  1. Eastern Virginians able to see anything? I purchased me some Canon image stabilization binoculars for sky gazing, they be awesome. Can see Jupiter’s 4 large moons, rings of Saturn, ufos 😉, and many many satellites. Haven’t been able to catch the ISS yet.

  2. This is the second time I've heard about "Blue Moon" Firstly: any month that has a Second Full Moon, the second is called a Blue Moon. That's why a Blue Moon is so rare. Secondly: is your story about three Full Moons a season, and the Fourth is called Blue Moon. Either one is fine by me. Anyone else hear of these story's? I'd be interested in knowing.

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