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16 professional typing extremely help you for becoming a professional touch typist, if you perform these tips as considers check list.


16 Typing Tips for Professionals”
1 Beware of formulations of calculating speed & accuracy
2 Familiarize yourself with the whole keyboard
3 Practice more in Note Pad or MS Word rather then Typing Tutors
4 Practice motivational text of your specialty
5 Don’t type as a hunt & peck typist
6 Don’t Press Backspace & Delete Key
7 Don’t be hard at pressing the keys
8 Don’t Feel Pressure
9 Type with Numeric keypad specially for long Digits
10 Type with the speed of listening voice
11 Type after tired for becoming accurate & fast typist
12 Practice with different types of keyboards
13 Improve vocabulary, Word spells & Typing Rhythm
14 Improve your mind for typing by the typing games
15 Achieve different typing certificates
16 Achieve top ranking position in websites & Android Apps of Typing


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