Top 20 Windows 11 Tips & Tricks

With the release of Windows 11 on October 5th, 2021 a bunch of new features are available. Here are the top 20 including both tips and tricks to maximize your use of Windows 11.

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Contents 0:00
1. Pin Apps to Start Menu 0:22
2. Dictation with Punctuation 0:52
3. Sound Controls 1:39
4. Snap Layouts 2:40
5. Show Taskbar on All Displays 3:52
6. Adjust Taskbar Alignment 4:34
7. Reset Network Settings 5:12
8. Turn Off Notifications 6:05
9. Block Popups & Tracking 7:55
10. Right-Click Options 8:47
11. Widgets 9:09
12. Touch Keyboard 10:09
13. Set Default Location 11:00
14. Search 12:40
15. Autocorrect 13:44
16. Enable HDR 14:33
17. Video Capture Fix 15:58
18. Personalized Start Folders 17:02
19. Multiple Desktops 17:36
20. Hide Desktop Icons 19:12

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  1. Question… If I'm going to get advertising notifications one way or another, why not let it give me notifications targeted at what I might be interested in?

  2. To be honest I didn't like that my window 10 upgrade to 11 but with this video I learn some usuful things. Thank you !!! I want also to ask you about the converter youtube mp3. With window 10 I could download videos and music but with window 11 I cannot. I have to go the Microsoft store and buy them . There is any way to download again for free ?? Thank you

  3. Still, I have some issues since the last update.. I'm unable to pin Microsoft apps to taskbar ( Like settings, snipping tool etc ) and when those apps are open, they don't appear in the taskbar.

  4. I am thrilled about finding your instruction videos, and I have already learned so much about Windows 11. Thank you, and I will be returning to watch these videos, over and over! Thank you, and I will let everyone I know to go to your info.🙏🙏🙏

  5. this was wonderful! tku so much! is there a way 2 make the windows menus larger? i have increased the text size but when i open any of the windows settings menus they r very small & even glasses do not help. tku.

  6. Windows 11 it a POS. Now the Start button no longer works. I spend more time trying to fix windows problems than actually getting to use it. Avoid Windows 11 like the plague!!!!

  7. Excellent video!!! Questions, can you personalize your desktop background with a photo of your own? I haven't seen the "update to Windows 11" icon on my taskbar lately so I'm not exactly sure, how do you Windows 11 update???

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