IELTS Listening Tips and Tricks | How I got a band 9

I’ve got a 9 in IELTS Listening computer-based and paper-based exams. Today I want to share my tips and strategies that will help you achieve a higher score too. Download PDF: IELTS study plan – to show more☟

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Best resources for your preparation – 5-step study plan in PDF –

Computer-based or paper-based IELTS –

IELTS Reading Tips: How I got 8.5 –

IELTS Speaking Tips: How I got 8.5 –

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Download PDF: IELTS Study Plan (steps and resources)

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  1. Thanks for the great tips! I really needed them. One question: when they say you have time to review.. do you know, in computer based exam, can you also go to the next section? or the system is locked?

  2. But there will be very less time to think about what will go into the blank, because we have to read a bunch of questions in the provided time, isn't it?
    I find form filling really easy, and blanks without choices very difficult and blanks with mcqs just difficult

  3. can i ask something. I want to attend my iELTS Listioning on Paper Based, While i want to attend IELTS Writing on Computer based… Will they allow for that, for using different techniques in IELTS EXAM? Thanks

  4. Hi just want to say thank you very much for the tips in your video. I got band 9 for my listening skills thanks to your helpful strategies! I watched your other videos they are very helpful- band 8.5 overall for me 😊 thanks again

  5. Wow congratulations 🙂 I would really appreciate if you could share wether you took the academic version of the test and whether you took it in your own country? Many thanks ❤

  6. I have a concentration problem, this makes me feel nervous after seeing my results. In the middle of the listening i can't understand what speaker talks about, like i find myself thinking about other issues

  7. Sorry what do you mean by making a guess if I don't know what the answer is? For example if I guess then my guess should be right ain't it? I don't understand when someone say that you do not lose points by guessing the wrong answers? What does it mean? And love you kind teacher 🌹

  8. Hi Asiya, I simply love the easy-to-understand tips and tricks across all sections, that you provide. I could refine my strategies very well and get very confident by all your videos on IELTS. I got in my very first exam this year – 8.5 overall
    Speaking 8.5
    Listening 8.5
    Reading 9
    Writing 7
    Thanks to you!

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