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In many ways, our memories make us who we are, helping us remember our past, learn and retain skills, and plan for the future. And for the computers that often act as extensions of ourselves, memory plays much the same role. Kanawat Senanan explains how computer memory works.

Lesson by Kanawat Senanan, animation by TED-Ed.


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  1. Just thought I'd say that the access speeds of sram can be within a nanosecond, which is why chess engines (and other cpu-intensive programs) can make full use of this speed to calculate several million or tens of millions of things per second. And on the other end of it, if your ram is full the computer will start using free space the c drive instead, which is probably a million times slower.

  2. That's why I always treated my computer I built like a baby. I get afraid when the power goes out, and my computer shuts down. That's what computer enthusiasts wishes never happens, like me.

  3. Why can't most lecturers explain this way of Kanawat. Even most authors of books on this subject can't explain this way. I am wondering if they have enough knowledge or just rush to write books out of excitement or to make money or they have the knowledge but lazy to organize their thoughts.

  4. How to start learning how to make micro controller chips , and use them in real life like how to use them in agriculture, automatic driving machines, etc , 😕 can any one answer my question?😕

  5. Semua yang terletak di memori komputer memiliki bentuk berupa bits (Binary Digits) , setiap bits disimpan di memori sel yang terdiri dari bilangan 0 dan 1, file dan program terdiri dari jutaan dari bits semua di proses di CPU yang berfungsi sebagai otak dari komputer, seperti kita komputer mempunyai memori jangka pendek untuk tugas langsung, dan memori jangka panjang untuk penyimpanan permanen ketika kalian menjalankan program, sistem operasi kita menenpatkan area pada memori jangka pendek untuk menjalankan instrusi, waktu yang diperlukan dinamakan memory latency, karena instruksi program harus bisa diakses segera dan seterusnya semua tempat di short term memory bisa diakses dari urutan acak oleh karena itu dia dinamakan Random Akses Memory, Ram dan Cache hanya bisa menyimpan data ketika komputer dihidupkan, agar data bisa disimpan meskipun komputer dimatikan maka harus ditransfer ke long term memory sebagai contoh HDD, SSD dan lain sebagainya.

  6. Name:Yvon Colit B Takan
    Section C

    Pretty awesome high level explanation. Once I learn more about the deeper layers, the more believable it gets.Memory is the electronic holding place for the instructions and data a computer needs to reach quickly. It's where information is stored for immediate use. Memory is one of the basic functions of a computer, because without it, a computer would not be able to function properly.

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