10 Awesome Mac Computer Tips!

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📔 Table of Contents
00:00 | Intro and Welcome
00:44 | Larger Thumbnail Previews in Finder
01:21 | Use CMD + Spacebar for EVERYTHING
03:02 | Easily Add Your Electronic Signature
04:22 | Use Image Capture for Drag/Drop Photos From iPhone To Mac
05:24 | Quickly Capture Screenshot To Your Desktop
06:36 | Quickly Capture Text Content
07:32 | Easy Side By Side Windows
08:16 | Find Missing External Drive In Mac Finder
09:25 | Drag and Drop Files Into Program Itself
10:18 | Easy Way To Create Quick Note On Mac

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This Post Has 46 Comments

  1. The subtitling is very good.. except for the vroom… zwoosh– and Booms.. that are not there. And that is exactly what I am sitting for. Many others too.. I trust.. By the way, thank you for these tips. They are sharp and very pointed.

  2. HELLO.
    Great Video. Do you have any idea why image capture changes date of creation of the images transferred? I just used it and all were set as they created today. Any idea of how to overcome this?
    Thank you

  3. Your tips, videos, and explanations are the BEST on YouTube. Blessed to have found your channel — entertaining, educational, and oh so useful. You deserve many more likes and subscribers!

  4. Sometimes programs will say files are unsupported. If you hold down option while using the dragging to the icon tip it will force the program to try to open it.

  5. Hey, I was contacted by you on YouTube via Notification form you channel. That I won a MacBook Pro and 16mm lens. They wanted me to concat you though Telegram. Is the legit? Thanks

  6. Thank you. Great tipps! But one thing frustrated me. When I open Lightroom it feels like hours, no matter which of your tricks I try. I definitely need a hardware upgrade.🤣

  7. hi Fhris ! oh sorry Chris i thought as a fuji lover I should start with F instate of C )) . anyway you are very specific to reach the solution of every problems what i like the most of any other camera guy . thank you for being here for us , stay blessed with your family ..love from india <3 , thank youuuu

  8. in the finder preferences you can turn off hard drives showing up in the sidebar. ive never had that issue of a storage medium not showing up.

    So its: Finder > cmd + ", " > Sidebar > at the bottom under locations you can turn various things off or on

    might be that you just have harddrives turned off idk i hope i could help

  9. You helped me with several of my Mac challenges! The tips that were most helpful were the (1) larger thumbnail previews, (2) the CMD + Spacebar to quickly find my files, (3) the electronic signature that I was able to handwrite on my iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil (a signature screen appeared!) and then transferred to my Mac, (4) finding my missing external hard drive and (5) dragging my images into Photoshop. WOO HOO…thanks so much, Chris!

  10. Great! I love these really useful video's. I've been using a Mac for years but didn't know most of these. The "hot corner" tip is going to be very useful 😄 Many thank's.

  11. When you added your signature to the doc, I thought..you just showed how to add a layer in preview. And someone would say, but you could drag a screen grab over an image…but you'd wind up with the frame of the grab too.

  12. I use iPhones and iPads but I’m not a Mac user. Never have been. Personally I don’t find the OS as intuitive as Windows. Just recently I needed to view some JPEGS from a USB on a Mac but it was an absolute nightmare to locate them. I had to get help from someone who uses Macs on a daily basis and even she couldn’t bring up my images.

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