Your Laptop RAM is Slowing Down Your Computer! #Shorts

Laptop Memory this year is a bit different than last year. The RAM some computer manufacturers are using is slower then the RAM they used last year. The performance is so drastic in games its like downgrading your GPU. The more expensive gaming laptops usually have the better RAM but the midrange to budget laptops are using the slower sticks.

Jarrods Tech Video –
The Dirty Way Manufacturers are Downgrading Your PC

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  1. You're doing right warning buyers out. During the pandemic we saw this happen to a lot of laptop models and makers. People needs to be aware of that to make a thoughtful buying decision.

  2. For anyone buying a laptop or comparing it to PC, the specs listed are not always comparable.

    As an example when I was younger, about 4 years ago, I bought a laptop that I thought was an i5 with 8GB of ram. Recently I find very slow and can't take many tasks before the cpu or the ram get to 100% utilization, after some digging and checking the specs thoroughly, the i5 processor is a 6th gen so its not too old but it has only 2 cores! The ram isn't much better it is DDR3 with 930MHz! You would expect these numbers from 10 year old computer not something from 2016-17.

    So TL;DR what's marketed to you maybe vastly weaker to what's actually in the system.

  3. ×8 or ×16 doesnt mean the rank of ram (ive never heard of such thing), it actually shows the density of the ram or the layout, how the blocks of memory are structured.. anyways valuable information to point out

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