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  1. Where do these type of people keep coming from? They are not technical by profession probably never read a single IT or coding book. These people are like poparopzee for tech. 😂

  2. Impressive but dare I say this, not as practical to have that extra keyboard. There's also a sense of it being more vulnerable when folded with no keyboard and space in between if stepped on.
    Would rather see one with regular keyboard but folds on left and right of screen to make a laptop with 2-fold 3-panel screen.

  3. Now this is the exact era of crazy hardware like in early 2000'where Nokia did crazy stuff with their phones 😀 . Its all just history. I dont think that kind of devices will be future of tech, but its crazy what a human can do

  4. I'm a Trader, mechanical designer, photographer, and a little bit of other stuff and for all of my activities, I've been always imaging one day finally someone will build a folding screen laptop but The best use of a folding screen in a laptop is to expand the dimensions horizontally, not vertically!

    Asus is wearing the wrong shoes! 🙃

  5. I cannot understand the need of it. I mean if you are a 3d vfx designer, you have alot of other options. If you are a graphic designer again you have alot of other options even in 360. So who would need this and why?

  6. My apologies if this was already covered in the comments section or in the video, but – when the screen is folded in traditional laptop mode – can you use bottom half of the screen as a keyboard? Meaning instead of using the physical keyboard, could you use the screen as a touchscreen keyboard? I don’t know how well it would work, but for portability, I’d rather have this setup than lugging around the separate keyboard.

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