#Shorts | Excel funny magic tricks and tips | excel tips and tricks #viralshorts #excel #shorts

#Shorts , you can use excel semi column three times and your sheet data will be invisible. we have very nice #excel tricks which will save your manual efforts and you can finish your work with in less time.
if you want to learn more excel you can subscribe to my channel. lets learn this ms excel magic trick and enjoy and play with friends.


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Power BI In Excel In hindi :-
How to use Power Bi from beginner to advanced :-
Power Bi में अपना काम सेव एंड रिकॉर्ड करे :-
Power bi tutorial for beginners :-
Power BI dashboard :-
Microsoft power bi in hindi :-
Microsoft power bi course for free :-
Delete unwanted columns in power bi :-
Text to column in power bi for beginners :-
Power BI with New Icon in 2020 :-
Power Bi Reference option :-
Edit Data in power bi manually :-
power bi tutorial for beginners in hindi :-
power bi dax tutorial for beginners :-
Power BI relationships between tables :-

Excel formula
How to use index match formula from Basic to advance :-
How to make big formula in excel in hindi :-
Xlookup and Filter formula in hindi :-
How to reduce excel file size :-
How to use Xlookup in excel :-
xlookup formula in hindi :-
array function in excel :-
New Xlookup with Search Mode :-
Xmatch formula in excel in hindi :-
how to use filter formula in excel in hindi :-
Excel formulas and functions:-
How to use excel unique function:-
Sort formula in excel :-

Pivot Table
pivot table from beginner to advanced :-
Pivot table in hindi :-
How to use pivot table excel :-
Pivot table in hindi in excel :-
Drill Down in Pivot table excel :-
Pivot Graph in excel in hindi :-
how to use pivot table slicer :-
IF formula in Pivot table :-
power pivot in excel :-
how to link data in power pivot in hindi :-
how to use power pivot in excel in hindi :- Tube Excel

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