Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro and Pro 360 are better for working anywhere

The new laptop and two-in-one might look like the 2021 models but Samsung really punched up the internals to make these more Pro.

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  1. Dont Buy It
    Samsung laptops glass screens are defective you can break them with just opening the screen with your hand
    unfortunately this was a 1500 dollar mistake for me and my laptop is 1 old

  2. Samsung is killing it. 
    Watch out Apple. Blue bubbles increasingly do not warrant the price, Windows-world incompatibility issues, and antiquated hardware features you guys keep propping up as "cutting edge." 
    RIP Steve Jobs.

  3. Great Info!! Really appreciate your efforts. Before buying this device I have a question. I notice this device has only 1 thunderbolt port and 2 USB-C ports so can i extend my screen like connect to my monitor(Normal monitor not a dock monitor) using USB-C port( using USB-C to HDMI adapter) instead of the thunderbolt port of the laptop?

    If yes, would you suggest a good USB-C to HDMI converter to buy?

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