Lenovo's entry-level IdeaPad Gaming 3 laptop

Arriving in spring, the budget gaming laptop will come with Intel or AMD processors and 15.6- or 16-inch displays.

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  1. Can someone please help me? I am 14 years old looking for a budget laptop that can do most of everything, the biggest thing I want this to do is run vr but I’m not smart when it comes to computers… can someone help me out, is this computer good enough, if not what should I look in to???

  2. I have ordered one with Ryzen 7 5800 and RTX 3050. Just now I saw in their site that the refresh rate is ONLY 60HZ and I'm scared but I don't think it's possible since it's on the higher spectrum of specs? Any insight? Ty

  3. I have the gtx 1650 model a couple of months now. Bought it just before the big price drop on it where I live. A little resentment there.. Aside from this I have two major gripes with this model.

    First off, Lenovo has the worst battery of all the brands I've had. This is my third Lenovo laptop (one from my previous workplace and the other was my dad's). All had weak battery and constantly drains even when shutdown. My company's model was worse, you had to unplug the battery or else the laptop won't even start. If you use this laptop daily it's not a problem but if you don't use it for a few days, you need to plug it in to start. Also Lenovo Vantage only allows either fully charge the battery or 55-60% which is quite annoying.

    If you try to open the laptop for upgrades or whatever, you have to be super slow and careful. The holding tabs for the bottom cover breaks very easily.

    Price for performance this laptop is good but build quality is really on the cheap side. Even the HDD bracket is the cheap flimsy kind.

  4. After watching Jarrod's Tech Videos about it and checking an example of both this and the previous generation myself in person. I may consider this as my replacement to my Aging Lenovo 720S

  5. I wanna ask. How about the ideapad gaming 3 with intel i5-11320H and gtx 1650. Is it worth to buy? I only use it for figma design, and of course will use external monitor because it’s only 45%ntsc

  6. I picked a 15.6" 1080p 120hz one up last weekend from Microcenter for $799 and now they are $749! I got a price protection credit for the difference too. Mine came with 16 GB DDR5 made possible by the 6800H processor. It also had a 512 GB SSD Gen 4 and RTX 3050, not TI sadly. All in all quite a bargain I think for $749 on a local sales tax holiday for back to school too.

  7. The new design looks good although I'm having their i5 variant with poor cooling design. Looking at the new vents and cooling structure with rgb backlit damm need that one but I will wait for legion series.

  8. It is not possible, can you help me? with the RtX 3050 4GB and not disabling the integrated I do 30 fps on fortnite, disabling the integrated I do 5/10 but disabling the rtx I make 75/80 (all low I'm talking about), on other games like csgo without rtx I do 120 but with it I do 60, stumble guys without it I do 240 and with 60, how is this possible? please help me, i don't really know what it is.

    P.S sometimes but rarely opening it the rtx does normal fps, I don't really know what it has, maybe it's the monitor screen connected to the integrated one but I really don't know,please

  9. One thing to be careful about with this laptop is that it gets VERY HOT when gaming.
    I made the mistake of closing the laptop after a gaming session and it melted and warped the display screen permanently and now constantly looks like it has dirt and burns on the screen at all times.

  10. I have started getting the blue screen of death on my Ideapad gaming 3 laptop, even the service center guys couldn't solve this, they just re installed the OS and gave back to me but still I'm getting this error.

  11. Is it going to be available in lowest specs like R5 5600h and gtx 1650? coz I have budget of 60k and Im getting IdeaPad gaming 3 2021 model in 58k flipkart, I don't like the design tho.

  12. It’s a great laptop With a low cost of just around $1200 with AMD 5800H and RTX 3060!
    Plus I can still use it for work
    Light enough to bring it around, keyboard is way better than HP

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