HP 14s Laptop Review

Here’s our review of the HP 14s laptop. The HP14s is a laptop designed for those whose work truly happens on the go. The review unit we evaluated comes powered by a 10th generation Intel Core i3 processor, but you do have the option of going with a Core i5-based system. The main USP of the HP 14s happens to its built-in 4G SIM slot, which enables true connectivity at all times. the FHD display on the HP14s is a glossy one, but it is incredibly vibrant and great for watching movies on. In terms of performance, the Intel Core i3 limits the use to basic tasks like browsing the web, watching videos and working on documents, but don’t expect heavy multi-tasking from it in any way. The performance is also held back by the fact that it only has 4GB of RAM and runs off of a hard disk instead of an SSD. The HP 14S would have been the perfect first-laptop for many had it come with at least an SSD onboard.

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  1. WARNING DO NOT BUY THIS LAPTOP. I got it and it’s total rubbish for the price. It’s slow to the point it doesn’t even load a simple website. Literally as I write this the screen went black on it after I closed a Windows browser because it couldn’t load a simple website. And that is after google chrome also was totally slow. This is a genuine piece of out of date junk. The touchpad is also cheap, horrible, poorly designed rubbish that’s hard to use. The keyboard is also too small to be a decent keyboard. Heed my warning. This thing is literally low quality trash. Think websites not even being able to load, websites crashing etc. For it’s cost it’s an utter scam. I’ve bought low end, cheap laptops before but this one is comically terrible. I’m returning it after having it 2 days because it literally can’t even handle loading a website. From experience the £300 mark is where laptops get good. I will spend more on a better brand after this because well, I want one that actually works. I was hesitant on getting this coz I had a bad feeling on it but I thought how bad can it actually be? Well…it’s genuinely TRASH. Do. Not. Buy. It. Brands I recommend from previous laptops: acer, Toshiba & Sony

  2. This laptop is a piece of shit. You buy it if you only care abut specs. The screen – shit. The keyboard – shit. Buildquality – shit. With an HDD and an i3 and 4gigs of ram therefore absolutly not recommandable. Your review is also shit because you go way to easy on this machine. Fuck you.

  3. Great review man, i haven't seen many other reviews of this and think it's excellent value, specially as HP is usually more expensive for laptops than others!

  4. Good review, my laptop takes wuit a while to start up when you shut it down. I can't really multi task on this laptop, and it's pretty slow if you want to game on it, like genshin. Genshin for me is about 15 FPS for high performance mode and lowest graphic settings. I guess this would be best if you r looking for s budget alternative and you are not planning to do laptop intensive activity on itm other than that, it's pretty nice. Anither thing is that when you video edit, the apps lag so much.

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