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  1. Waiting for the pc version of sky,
    If it costs money I'll cry.
    Scammers who just want clout will be called out.
    In the comment section,
    They will cure the infection,
    They save our lives (and pcs),
    Just look at the dislikes,
    It could fill u with freight.
    It might?🙃

    Waiting for the pc version of sky,
    My guy.
    I ain't gonna say goodbye.
    I'm too desperate for this.
    Well I'm gonna sue my brother while I'm not living in gentle bliss.
    Please don't do that again,
    If u do then..

    [Insert FBI open up]

  2. Fake video. Currently sky requires android 8.0+, which memu doesn't have. Note that Bluestacks and Nox Player also can't run sky; i still don't know what to do to install sky on an emulator…

  3. Many aesthetic instagram page owners plays this, so i wanna try it on my laptop, but im too scared of viruses to use anything other than an official website, i guess i just have to wait for the pc version ^^;

  4. Bruh just use scrcpy not this shitty software

    scrcpy is on github (so opensource) and isn't even 50megs and this THING the video show's you is probably some bs crapware

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