How To Clean Your Keyboard (2022)

Here’s how to clean your keyboard.

0:00 Intro
0:17 Cleaning an external Keyboard
1:54 Cleaning a laptop Keyboard

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How To Clean Your Keyboard


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  1. I have a weird problem where, if I press the W key for more than 4 seconds, I still move in the game. And it will also keep typing W if I was writing something. Does anyone know a fix for this? Because I've not been able to find a fix

  2. Thanks for this ..I cleaned my keyboard using alcohol+swabs..and its spotless.. instead of micro fibre cloth..I used my wife's specs cleaning cloth…that too works like a charm

    For tuff stains, I just added more alcohol to the swap and made the spot wet and then cleaned it using the cloth

  3. alcohol / bleach ,, ruins basically all external surfaces. you should be using a near dried out large kitchen towel microfiber with basic dawn soap and water. you don't even want it damp. It has to literally be almost dry, but yet enough moisture to wipe your hand lotion away.

  4. "If you have compressed air can" 🙄. A real man has a real compressor in his garage. And i was expecting to hear the procedure: remove all keys from your keyboard, toss them in the sink with washing up liquid, let it sit for an hour, mangle all the keys while in the soapy wodder, repeat as long as you like, let the soapy wodder go away, put clean water in the sink, mangle the keys so all the soapyness will be gone, then let it dry on a radiator.

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