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  1. Have been watching Your Videos,they Have Been Really Helpful And I have been trading Forex and stocks with Mr Scott ever since I met him , I have been making profit from my trades, I would recommend him to anyone who need help in trading, his email address is above my comment.

  2. Listen…. I"ve used TD-Ameritrade for years. At one time, TD-A… and Thinkorswim (TOS) was a great broker. Now it's owned by Charles Schwab. Find a different broker!! You've been warned. I have recommendations I would like to make, but just keep looking for a better broker. TD Ameritrade is such a bad broker now, it will be easy to find a better broker, you can thank me later. Their lack of TOS upgrades, and account policy have cost me more and put me at a disadvantage in the market.

  3. Hi, Can I open an account and transfer my retirement savings from NEST UK? I worked in London for a couple of years and I would like to transfer my saving money to a new TD ameritrade account. I would like to open it for retirement /investing

  4. Be careful using the think or swim platform it does not communicate properly with the gains keeper program on their website and will not show proper averages or positions. Will take them 5 months to fix the error. Placed stop order and it placed a limit instead.

  5. I have Wealthsimple TSFA. I just opened it last week with $30k in and thinking to put more money in. But I feel I have been using only TD bank in my whole life. so I am thinking it is better to have TSFA with TD I am thinking to buy home with TD mortgage sooner or later so that it is best idea to stick to TD invest right? but I don't know about how TD Ameritrade works. Wealthsimple was easy to understand. so I kind of getting to understand trading. so you guys are also like robo advisor? could you explain things about what differences from Wealthsimple?

  6. Hello
    I’m from Turkmenistan and currently I reside in Thailand. In 2-3 years I will move out.
    My question is can I still use this app even if I move out from Thailand? I may travel some other countries and never comeback to Thailand again.
    Is it still safe to open an account?
    Thanks a lot in advance

  7. I have USAA stock acct. and nothing in yet. You bought them out. I need to use account, I think I already have here, but am getting nowhere. Perhaps you would condescend to give some of your precious attention to a gorilla?

  8. I've been attempting to use the TD Ameritrade site for around a decade and I still am constantly lost and unable to find simple things on the site, like where is my interest income for 2020? Often, when looking at my holdings, I see how much I've gained or lost …but since what start date? It doesn't mean much if I don't know what time frame we're talking about. It's probably just me not knowing my way around the site well (cause it's not something I use regularly), but I think it says something about the user experience and design of the site. We shouldn't have to take a course to get a clear picture of what's going on with our money, or get the info we need to file our taxes.

  9. Hi. In order to conclude the opening of my account, I need to send to you copy of some documents. I do not have a fax machine to send them to you. Is it possible to send them by e-mail? In case affirmative, please inform the email address to send them to you. Tks+Rgds

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