7 Tips in Microsoft Word You May Not Know About

Here are 7 tips in Microsoft Word you may not know about. In this video, I will show you how to use Microsoft Word to do more with these less known features. Use the timestamps below to help navigate the video.

0:00 Introduction
0:14 Pull text out of an image and into Microsoft Word
2:58 Edit PDFs with Word
4:54 Research and citations in Microsoft Word
6:44 Transcribe audio with Word Online
9:27 Turn your Word documents in to PowerPoint using AI
11:11 Make a website using Sway out of your Word document
13:42 Add formulas to your tables in Microsoft Word

How to use the Office app:
How to use Microsoft Sway:
Difference between Sway and PowerPoint:
How to Use OneDrive:

I use Camtasia to create my videos:

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  1. Why doesn't my script go across the page? It is a column of words. I don't know how to make the words go across the page. Often if I copy and paste, there's words missing because they don't fit in the column that the word document made.Please help. I don't know the vocabulary to explain this issue and get it corrected. Very frustrating. Thank you

  2. Really love your videos! 🙂 Your speech and explanation are very pleasant and clear, and you stay right on point. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise with the world and people like me who can now enhance the quality of their work. My work is now so much more fun, fast and effective. Hats off for you! Greetings and best wishes from The Netherlands 🙂 PS: I do have 1 question – the online Word version requires a Premium account (which I don't have) in order to use Transcripts via the Dictation button. Is that correct or am I perhaps looking at the wrong Word version online in Outlook? Thanks much in advance for your advise.

  3. I found one by accident. I hadn't learned about the Excel built into word and had already made my graph in Excel, but then I tried copying in Excel and pasting into word. Not only did it work, it also gave me several format choices in the option box.

  4. Great video, really useful tips! I'd like to know how you created that yellow highlight circle around your cursor, as it would be really useful when presenting – I've enlarged my mouse cursor but it covers over hover commands, so not as effective as your circle. Have you done a video on this previously? Thanks

  5. Thank you again for such a terrific video! I love that I'm able to take a Word document and put it into a PowerPoint. But its student accessibility checker is a bit awkward. But I could be doing something wrong. I couldn't figure out where to write the Alt Text. All 17 slides in my PP showed errors in the drop-down menu but nowhere to add Alt Text. Some Student Accessibility checkers, like Udoit and Adobe, go deeper and further into finding possible errors than the built-in student accessibility checker in Canvas. Yet, it is Canvas's checker that is the only required student accessibility checker for the colleges. I sure would love to use a PP for my Canvas classes. Thanks again!

  6. Love it ❤. I am glad I found your channel and subscribed right away a few months ago.

    Tip #2 didn't work on my end, so I don't know if it is b/c I have an older version of MS Word 2007; or could it be something else?

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