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  1. Imagine that a billion dollar R&D can't solve power to a glowing Apple logo, but 3rd party underground developers can. The glowing logo has been around for iPhones for a really long time, and Apple didn't create those and yet they don't really draw anything from the battery.

  2. I'm by far no apple fan but this is still an odd choice for Apple. Apple should have come up with something new and exiting. A display on the back would have been a new idea. There are people who customize their tech. People buy skins or put stickers on their devices. Apple could have taken advantage of this and just made an on board customization feature. A small e-ink display could be used for productivity (next appointment) or just customization. There are a lot of options and I don't know anyone who uses this idea.

    This is obviously for the laptops. The removal of the icon on other devices make more sense. It's a cleaner look and it may be even a preferred option for shows, because they don't need to tape over the icon. The colorful devices from Apple look great and besides a serious business man look, we need the more colorful look.

  3. I still liked the glowing Apple logo on my iMac Air laptop. I know it is working since I got it a little bit over 4 years ago. I still have a very old iMac from 2003 and one from 2008. Those 2 were my mother’s. I did inherited the 2008 one just shortly as she passed away. I do loved Apple products for a long time since from the 1980’s.

  4. The logo requires power, thus removing a power eating element, it gives you more battery time.
    Saved you 4 minutes.
    With a little logical thinking, this question shouldn't even be a question. It's incredibly trivial.
    Oh and this simple explanation isn't even mentioned in the video.

  5. The most important reason it was removed was because the failures of the backlight, it happened frequently duo a manufacturing error that the backlight cable was lose/disconnected and people could simply shine a flashlight on the back of the screen to diagnose this flaw and point it out at the Apple store.
    Apple didn't like this as the fix was so easy and they just wanted to charge the whole screen replacement and then just plug in the small connector = $$$$ easy made.
    to stop people from diagnosing this particular problem they removed the shine trough logo.

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