Tech Tips: How to back up data to a USB drive.

Trying to create duplicates of all your important files and photos? Agent Davis will help you back up your data onto a USB drive using the built-in File History feature on Windows 11. You’ll need a Windows computer and a USB-connected drive. Agent Davis will be working with a Lenovo Yoga 9i and a Western Digital My Book. So the steps might be a little different depending on which devices you use.

If you’d like to skip ahead:
Connecting your drive and accessing File History: 1:15
What is File History: 1:40
Setting up your backup: 2:28
Configuring backup settings: 3:04

Want to learn about other ways to back up your files? Click on the video links below.
How to back up data to the cloud:
How to back up data to a NAS:

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