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  1. I don't say it's the best cause I haven't tried any others but I am really happy with my 9.7 inch iPad Pro. I watch videos, send text messages, take photos ( yes, this camera is my primary camera and I take pictures with it!) listen to podcasts, make lists in notes and use Siri heavily. I purchased the pro for its hands free Siri, it's fun Live Photos, and the 256 gb opportunity to take and keep many videos without storage worry. I am fine with the onboard keyboard so I didn't spring for that. I was going to purchase the pencil but I heard a rumor that a new version of the pencil will be coming out soon so I will wait on that. The reason this iPad was $100 more is because it starts off at 32 GB instead of 16. Apple is so greedy. But I highly recommend this iPad. I really love it! It truly is light enough to carry around all day without getting the wrist ganglion cyst that the heavy iPad3 probably caused. When you hold iPad in your hand the wrist carries the weight.

  2. tablets vs Chromebooks – starting in September some Chromebooks will run android 6.0 marshmallow as well as chrome os, adding more functionality at low cost! — warning .. unlike Microsoft which pulls support on software, Google pulls support on Chromebooks (hardware) after a date, and continue to upgrade the software,,,, beware.

  3. apple maybe in trouble as iPads iphone's are crazy expensive prices for what they offer compared to the rest of the technology which gets cheaper and better performance all the time.

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