Surface Pro 3 Tips – Working in the Office with 4 Screens, 4K Display, Docking Station…

This video shows how I use the Surface Pro 3 in my office with the Surface Docking Station, a 4K ASUS Display, My two old 1080 Displays and a Targus Docking Station. It is designed to show what the Surface Pro 3 is capable of doing in the office while being the most mobile laptop / tablet hybrid possible.


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  1. Genius! thank you this worked for me! I am using the DELL D6000 docking station. The surface pro now has the mini DP to HDMI. then the dock has a DP to HDMI to the other monitors.

  2. For anyone with a triple monitor setup and wanting to dock their Surface Pro 8 to three monitors – I purchased the Plugable Usb-C Triple 4K Display Docking Station and I am now able to extend my Surface Pro 8 to three external monitors, plus the Surface. The touchscreen on the Surface works perfectly while docked.

  3. Hi love the vids can you give advice on using your surface as an alt screen incorporated into my home pc for on screen pen. Im finding that teaching teen-age boys at home during covid the better my setups "cool" factor becomes the more they pay attention to me.

  4. Can you tell me the specific targus product you used to connect the 2 side monitors. I currently have the brick shaped Surface Docking and want to buy your set up. Please let me know the specifics to order. I am not versed in technology.

  5. Trying to follow you… I purchased a Targus ACP78US. My displaylink model is different than yours . I think this allows one additional monitor. Am I wrong? I think a USB3 to mini-display cable goes from the Surface to the DisplayLink. Then a HDMI to HDMI goes from the displayLink to the monitor. The displayLink has a single mini-display port. So I have to buy another displaylink for a 3rd monitor. Or is there a way to use all those USB3.0 connectors? But you appear to have a single displayLink. What am I not getting?

  6. Do you have any videos that show the actual parts that I need to purchase to do this? I have the surface pro 3 with docking station with 1 additional monitor, but I would really like to have a 2nd additional monitor. I can't figure out if I need some sort of splitter cable or what. Please hallllllp.

  7. Does the fan on your surface get loud? I'm just using the displayport to a single monitor and using only OneNote, and the surface gets hot and the fan is loud.

  8. Would it be possible to email you with questions about using the Surface Pro 4 with dual monitors? I work in IT, and we are having a heck of a time with a lot of random display issues when it comes to using the dock and dual monitors. Any help would be appreciated.

  9. with implementation of usb type c in the near future, we will be able to hook up an external graphics card to a laptop or tablet. so long as the cpu and memory are sufficient, you can game on the device. it will not be as good as a gaming rig, but for anything i would be doing, it would be more than adequate.

    the surface pro 4 is out, and i was hoping they would include either thunderbolt 3 or usb type c for this purpose. unfortunately, it did not. i would like to know the data transfer speed of the charging port. a curious thought came to me that perhaps the new dock will include one of these ports on it. still, after a couple hours of looking, i cant find the speed of this connection. would anyone out in the interwebs know the data speed and/or have a link to this information so i can look into it further?

  10. Can you show the settings that you used to set that up. When I duplicate that setup the outside monitors only duplicate themselves. My video settings show surface pro as (monitor1) 2nd monitor (monitor 2) and third and fourth as monitor 3.

  11. No compromise? There are compromises. This can't fully replace a PC. You don't have all the connection possibilities even with the docking station. I have more than 4 USB devices, but of course you can go Bluetooth. Also if you compare the price to a regular PC this is crazy. Additionally how long does this device last? Perhaps three years and you can throw it away because you can't repair it. I can upgrade my PC at any time and change parts of it as I'd like. This is more a mobile laptop with limitations at a very high price.

    But nice video showing the capabilities. Thanks.

  12. I am searching  for an external monitor that is portable and works well with a surface pro3.  I tried using a second surface and it wouldn't work.  I bought a lower resolution portable monitor and it was lousy.  Ideally a second surface would be perfect.  They are small enough so you can put two in your briefcase/backpack and then you truly be paperless.   For that matter the second one could double as a reader-like device so I wasn't dropping my main unit off the bed.  Stewart [email protected]

  13. how did you get you surface to show something different than the monitor that is directly plugged in to the docking station. because I have a pro 3 with the docking station and I have it plugged in to a monitor but either my surface screen is off while I use the monitor or the monitor and the surface are showing the same thing how do I have them show to different things so I can use the actual surface a separate monitor

  14. Minor point – I have enough room on desk so don't bother removing the surface keyboard/cover I just drop my Surface Pro 3 in the docking station with it still attached.

    I have a similiar set up with Targus USB 3 display link dock driving two regular old external monitors with no problems. i5, 4GB ram, 128GB SSD. Agree that the Surface Pro 3 is a great bit of kit. I won it and was a bit reluctant to try and replace my beloved Samsung n900 Ultrabook with similiar specs. I bit the bullet and will not go back to the laptop, I love the Surface.

  15. i bought an intel NUC a few months back, because of its ability to output 4k video. Had i known that the surface could do that, i probably would have gone with a pro 3 instead. eaitehr way, going to get the pro 4 when it drops as it should run 4k straight from the display port. im currently running a philips 40inch monitor (4065UC) which was a little bit pricey at about $750 here in Tokyo, but the realestate is huge. would never go back to dual screens.

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