Phantom 3 Standard Tip #3 | Ultimate Tablet Mount Upgrade #Drone

In this video I show you how to modify your DJI Phantom 3 Standard remote control to allow installation of a Phantom 4 or Inspire 1 style tablet holder mount that can fit up to a full size iPad.

DJI Inspire 1 Mobile Device Holder
Phantom 3 Standard Drone

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  1. Appreciate the clear step-by-step instructions… I just installed the tablet mount onto my P3S controller today.
    I had to modify/cut the foam inside my backpack case because the controller no longer fit, but everything fits perfectly now.

  2. Hey man , I want to get this for mine but when I go and find it on the internet all I find is the mount for the phantom 4 will that work too. ? I think it’s because I’m in the uk

  3. I bought the metal base Tablet holder for my P3S, and guess what? I is NOT the same size as the one that comes on my P3P Controller. I looks the same, but extends out about 3/4 inch shorter, too short to fit my Samsung S8 Tablet which does fit the P3P controller.

  4. Fantastic, clear and concise instructions. Fitted mine today and it fits great. Unfortunately my iPad 4 or Lenovo android tablet do not fit into the holder. Should have checked first. My bad

  5. Howabout I just send my controller to you and pay you to do it? Haha. Not too keen on drilling into my equipment. Great video though..maybe I'll muster up the courage.

  6. my pad holder just arrived a few days ago.. did Velcro and its 100% sturdy.. actually doesn't even move at all.. just do two or three layers of Velcro so it fills the gap.. drilling a hole is stupid been honest.. "why would you"

  7. Hi, Im looking at doing this mod in the next couple of weeks. I dont suppose you know the size of the drill bits in Metric? Im in the UK and went to my local tool shop and they did not know the conversion for a 7/32 & 7/64. Ive looked online and its so confusing, Great vid. Liked & subscribed. Keep up the good work.

  8. you can thank me later wawhooooo… no drill hole.. it may be a little wobbly but if use the metal arm and not the plastic it will be more stable! I am actually only ordering these parts today so I might even start a video page myself.. (maybe)

  9. hi again. can I ask what size your pad is. I have 10" pad which means its 6.5inch height top to bottom. yours looks the same and I'm wanting to order this holder today so I hope it fits as hrs spent on amazon checking different holders out! also for the guys asking about the Velcro comment I will try post a video on here of how to do it.. you just don't drill hole, and take off that part that connects into drill hole section! then wrap Velcro around the arm part and stick other part of Velcro strip onto rc and boooom its done.. easier that riding a bike

  10. Is drilling the hole really nessecary? Love the idea but drinking the hole and opening the case scares me. Could it be screwed on and siliconed down?


    I bought this cheap equivalent stand on amazon and cut off the screw in part with a hacksaw. It's screwed up tight and also velcroed down so it cant move vertically. Much nicer to use but doesnt fit in the supplied case (cardboard anyway).

  11. I don't know why people feel they need to drill their expensive piece of equipment. So much can go wrong. Use sticky Velcro on the remote and the back side of the bracket after removing the post with an Allen wrench. It's a lazy way but at least your remote is all intact

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