My Top 10 Laptops of 2022 – Not What I Expected!

Roundup of the best and most innovative laptops coming in 2022 – from thin & light to gaming laptops ▶ Get Surfshark VPN at – Enter promo code TECHCHAP for 83% off & 3 extra months free!

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00:00 2022 Laptops!
00:42 Most Futuristic Laptop?
01:59 Gaming on a Tablet…!?
02:55 Best 14-inch Gaming Laptop
04:09 First Intel ARC Laptop?
04:40 AD – Surfshark VPN
05:35 MacBook Air 2022?
06:58 The Laptop from SPACE
08:05 ThinkPad got sexy!
08:57 Ultrawide Screen!
09:29 A Folding Future?


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  1. i saw your pinned question but i dont want to get lost in the sea of replies and the possibility for notifacations

    i really like the lenovo slim 7 pro x amd 14". i bought one and it should be here thursday

  2. Another fantastic video, thanks. What amazed me in your review of your list of best laptop for 2022 is how unaware I was of the Asus innovative and powerful laptops. I will now look at the Asus brand of laptops. I was familiar with Dells’ XPS series of laptops. Another brand of PC laptop I really had not considered was the Acer laptop you commented on. I genuinely appreciate the brands within my within experience, like Microsoft Surface Pro 9, Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360, ThinkPad X1 Yoga and Dell XPS.

    But I must admit that Asus was the most surprising to change opinion one of the best in class of innovative laptops in 2022. Again, thank you for a most informative video.

  3. My old Toshiba Satellite Pro finally crashed and burned so I bought an Asus CX1700 Chromebook. I have never had a Chromebook before so it was fun learning a new OS. Plus Chrome OS is Linux based, sort of, you can open the Linux Debian(?) distro. An Asus with Linux dna is just super fun. Then I realized I actually need a Windows PC for some things (plus it was a good reason to buy another gadget. You know how us tech nerds are…). So I just recently bought a Lenovo IdeaPad 3 (Core i3, 4gb, 128ssd, 14" 1920×1080, Windows 11 Home). The nice thing with Lenovo is they dont load it up with bloatware. Just the bare essentials. I immediately uninstalled McAfee and installed TotalAV (2nd tier, includes VPN). I find myself on the Lenovo more than the Asus for basic computing purposes. It's just a perfect little rocket that can go anywhere.

  4. The no spacing between keyboard keys is bit stu*id to be honest. Because it increases the probability of hitting two keys together by accident when you hit a key slightly near the edge. There is a reason why keys have spacing between them through out history.

  5. I am not understanding this review?

    The comming ban on windows 11/12,on board spyware on lenovo AMD chips in the EU and UK will mean a lot of these laptops cannot be sold or used across Europe.Whilst China has set the total ban of windows 11/12 by 2026. Anything which has restricted use by hardware supporting TPM or onchip restrictions will be banned for national security reasons following the intense cyber warfare is waging across the world. The monpolies investigation will no doubt only allow laptops or other mobile devices which are independent from restrictions on use,key signing, or white listing of software. Links to produce monopolies,cartels,or other restricted practices are ilegal across europe and present a national security threat to the UK. Retailers will be aware that restrictions concerning sales of banned hardware software restrictions could mean they will be less likely to sell anythig but approved laptops and mobile devices. Such restrictions may not apply to national outside Europe.

  6. the problem for most on laptops and tablets has been battery life.if i ever bought another laptop i would make sure it had linux running out of the box as windows 10 is very resource intensive.zorin would be my choice os.

  7. Costs you need to add to the price when you buy Lenovo. When you buy a pricey Lenovo laptop (Thinkpad dumbpad whatever),
    1 year later: Battery backup down. Needs replacing.
    2 years later: Few keys on keyboard stop working. Support forces to replace the entire top panel with trackpad and fingerprint scanner.
    3 years later: Display trouble. Needs replacing.
    4 years later: Trackpad trouble.
    5 years later: Processor is too old, so you stop caring about the hardware troubles and decide to never buy Lenovo again!
    All this while, your MacBook just keeps on functioning like its new!!

  8. You would think any of these laptop would have 5-G data card by now. We are moving very slow in terms of connectivity. Manufacturers are just obsessed with how pretty their laptop would look like with a hair of improvement every year.

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