Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: Official Introduction | Samsung

It’s here, our first-ever Ultra tablet. Expand your world with our Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra:

It’s not just the largest tab among the S series, it’s our thinnest, toughest, and most powerful yet. At 14.6 inches wide and with a 16:10 ratio it redefines standards for next-level immersiveness. It’s impossibly slim and lightweight but super-strong and durable. Capture the world in stunning 4k with our first ultra-wide front dual camera. Enjoy our new S Pen’s impeccable responsiveness. All powered by a 4nm processor, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’s power will unleash endless new possibilities.

Work and play like never before.

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  1. Dear samsung, im waiting for a new tab version that is smaller w s pen, lighter, but w bigger gb, easy to bring and suitable for work/study for a long term. Like s6 lite but even better! Please make a magic samsung, im waiting .

    And function like s8 ultra but even better!

  2. Each of these devices is a composition of minerals from around the world, such as coltan, gold, copper, tin and lithium. However, their extraction is often associated with slavery, sexual exploitation and forced child labor.

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