Dell XPS 17 (2022) Full Review

Full Review of the Dell XPS 17 9720 – with Intel 12th Gen i9, RTX 3060, 64GB DDR5 & 4K+ Touchscreen. Is the XPS 17 worth buying in 2022? ▶ Get Surfshark VPN at – Enter promo code TECHCHAP for 83% off and 3 extra months for FREE!

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00:00 I bought it twice…
02:56 What’s new?
04:46 AD – Surfshark VPN
05:31 1080p vs 4K
06:36 Temps & Battery
07:45 Performance
09:50 Battery Life
10:25 Wrap up

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  1. I still like Tech Chap best. No need for the fancy neon background the reviews were just as good when the reviews were just simple with no hollywood scene background. I dislike polished greenscreen backgrounds, it is American style and follows the YouTube trend with creators. The content is king, the rest is just tinsel

  2. I ended up buying a XPS 17 with 12 gen i5 1255H, with 512 SSD .. I wasn't abought to pay Dells full price of about 1,900 so i went to their refurb sight and found mine @ 1,100 which seem good…And 5 days after i bought mine i see they raised the price to about 1,300…

    Ive been using it for a week and all is good but im still trying to get use the the cramped keyboard.. I have no issue with no number pad on the right , but the key board is something that will take time to get use to . BUT at the price point of NEW i figure dell should give us a full size key board like every other brand. .

    Im a basic user so i guess i could of saved a few more bucks and buy a lower price unit , but at 1,100 and full year warranty just like new was a good deal. … I will be updating the SSD in the future like after warranty is up, as i would like bigger than 512, and i also see this has a lower grade performing SSD IN IT FROM DELL. The SSD in mine is a Micron 3400 which is a lower performing SSD

  3. I recommend to buy 2022 model because of Intel 12th gen cpus. You didn't mention that 12th gen cpu contains effiency and performance cores, so that's why it's much better choise. Never ever choose i9 to laptop, it's not made for that and it will throttle no matter what you do. Throttlet i9 has the same performance as the i7, but consumes much more power and is shorter-lived because it is so hot all the time. Also DDR5 support means that it's much more "future-proof".
    If batterylife is important 12th is made for that and if you don't need nvidia gpu while on battery, you should disable it. I disable my dgpu when I'm in school so I get like 2-3,5hrs more batterylife.
    XPS is perfect balance between performance, batterylife and mobility.

  4. Yeah, i have the XPS17 9700. And I should say that it's one of the biggest tech disappointment in my life. Battery last 2-2,5 hours. It's getting hot as frying pan just buy surfing browser. It has problem with self turning on, for example when it's in my bag, so it's run out of battery when I didn't even ask. I switched to the m1 MacBook air and it's beat the XPS in absolutely everything. Sorry for English, not my first language.

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