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  1. I like he criticizes the atom processor event though the surface 3 has an amazing an atom processor, that seems like the usual for most windows tablets today.

  2. Lulz. If i wanted a sub-1000$ computer I'd just build a desktop. Tablets to me are worth no more than 500$. Anything more is a rip off. The graphics on all of em are  terrible. The only time I'd even think about dumping 1000+ into a measly tablet is if it had graphics equivalent to a desktop. Maybe I'm expecting much. But 1000 is a little much for a tablet. Surface RT is also a ripoff. Over-hyped piece o junk android tablet.

  3. Hmmm. From my experience, having a tablet that works as a PC generally works out cheaper than having both a laptop and a tablet. I have the Dell Latitude 10 at the moment, and I don't use a laptop at the moment. You really can just have one device if you want.

  4. LOVE my surface pro, it is basically a second computer which i guess is pretty pointless BUT it is great for when i'm out and about. I can't fit my 14" laptop into my handbag however the surface pro fits easily, even with the keyboard and case attached. It is unfortunate that the stand only pops out to one angle but I guess its nice that it has a stand at all. I have to admit, using the surface  pro as tablet is kinda tricky, but I guess it depends on what you're doing with it. Also buying the accessories to go with the surface pro definitely brings the price up even more. I ended up getting a speaker, mouse, case and type cover 2 to go with it. 

    I honestly think that Microsoft should lower their prices. Like a lot of people in the comments say, who would want to spend so much on a "tablet" when you can buy a perfectly good laptop for cheaper

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