Best Linux Distros | Tips For Choosing The Right Linux Desktop For You

I look closely at the top 5 most popular desktop Linux versions (a.k.a. “distros”), their benefits, and who I’d recommend for each.

To check out the Linux versions mentioned in this video, visit these sites:

(an Arch derivative)

Want to learn more about what Linux is and why open-source software is great? Watch this video:


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  1. As a former windows user, I went straight for KDE neon, it is the best decision [email protected] made since butter spread on a bread. Smooth and nice towards my 9 year-old laptop and I really wanted to get rid of windows once and for all ( i hate that OS). Love KDE neon though. Also, yes….freedom was a major part of the transition.

  2. Except linux mint. I hate every other destro.
    I came from windows to find a right destro.

    It was usually a first choice. It’s lagging made me sick.

    Garuda linux. (Arch linux)
    Arch linux are a total danger zone. A simple task need a plenty of terminal efforts.

    Linux mint
    A total gem. good for previous windows user.

    What ever it may be no body can beat windows third party app support and easy to remove software. Linux apps installation is lighting fast but if you want to remove a third party installed software help of god is must. If you are in Kde desktop, heaven knows your pain.

    If you don’t properly uninstall software the residue pile up your hard disk. This create a major problem in dual boot.

    My choice if your computer supports windows definitely go for it. Otherwise mint is the option for you.

  3. A. Mr. Linux TV Do you think knowing the 8 major distribution families help you understand Linux and and help you provide technical support for Linux?

    B. The 8 Major Distribution Families Are.
    1. Arch
    2. Debian
    3. Fedora
    4. Gentoo
    5. openSUSÉ
    6. Slackware
    7. Ubuntu
    8. Independent Distributions (Distributions not based on the 7 other Distributions listed above.)

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    D. Mr. Linux TV You're a Great Gentleman!!!
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    F. Mr. Linux TV God Bless You!!!

  4. Nice Video…. No Debian mention…. its alright though… Nice video explaining enough of each distro for new users. Distro Hopping this weekend… Not sure what to try. like to see whats out how other OS's are set up out of the box. Helps with ideas.

  5. hey there ! can anyone help me out with choosing the right distro which will be suitable for editing ,animation and 3d modelling with a non too tech savvy and descent looking interface with normal web browsing and multimedia downloads and consumptions ( main is editing, vfx and modelling )

  6. Hello brother , I have used windows since Dos period 1992 to windows 11 . Now I want to taste linux . I don't know commands and cli . I am a gui user . So which version of linux will be good for me . I use my pc for just net use and videos , songs , movies etc . So I choose manjaro , Ubuntu , debian , zorin , deepin etc . Can you suggest which 1 will be stable secure safe os for me . Thanks

  7. A lot of people underestimate Debian, although that is invariably what the first two distros in this video uses. Debian is slightly difficult to install and setup, and so is arch, but once you have successfully installed Debian, what you get is an extremely stable Ubuntu that will never ever break, and in a way, a large community community because if a solution works for Ubuntu, chances are it will work for Debian.

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