4 Lifestyle Tips that Helped me Tone Up (with no food restriction!)

4 Tips for starting your fitness journey that are REALISTIC and MAINTAINABLE. For $90 off across your first four Green Chef boxes plus free shipping on your first box, go to
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I’m hoping that in sharing my journey, I can inspire you prioritize feeling your best. With that said, results come as a side effect for prioritizing your happiness and your strength.

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* But please remember! these are calculators that are estimating your needs. Your body is so unique and could need more than these calculators suggest!

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  1. well i had the same ED as you and i kinda recorvered but instead of eating ,,healthy,, i started to binge and even tho it got a lot better I still feel like i'm ,,out of control,, sometimes.. i really love food and cooking but bc of cristmas and holidays i never get to eat the way I want, its frustrating.. so if anyone has tipps for me plsss answer 🙂

  2. amazing❤️… I love how you say you started to see a difference when you stopped looking. For me, obsessing over the mirror can take such a toll on the mental aspect of reaching my goals!

  3. It’s interesting because myself and so many girls are getting their ‘dream body’ (in the sense that they are in the best shape for THEIR body type) by learning how to TRULY love themselves and find balance with food vs just desperately trying to lose weight. That proves that your body knows how to get you where you want to be. You do have to do the work, but you also need to enjoy the process and not feel confined to a certain way of living.

  4. i just started recovery tuesday and i’m trying intuitive eating! it’s definitely scary, but i know that it’s needed. i’m working out now (to feel good and not for the wrong reasons) and i’m building a better relationship with food!

  5. I loveee this. Thank you so much for this incredible emotionally, physically and mentally healthy advice. So happy to have found your channel. You're beautiful and you're so right, these societal expectations are just not realistic and honestly hurtful to so many of us.

    You're glowing! Keep doing what you do

  6. To whoever is reading this:

    your skin is not paper so don't cut it
    your body isn't a book so don't judge it
    your heart isn't a door so don't lock it
    your life isn't a film so don't end it

    your beautiful and don't let anyone else change it !!!!
    have a good day / night 🙂

  7. about exercising, there’s also such thing as too much (something i struggle with). take days off, don’t work out for hours, listen to your body. y’all r beautiful inside & out. have a wonderful day <3

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