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We investigate a USB key that claims to irreversibly destroy data.

Disclaimer: The only way to guarantee data removal is to physically destroy the disc.

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  1. if you wanna make sure your data is completely gone,
    1. Take the platter(s) and grind them into a powder in some kind of container
    2. Get some molten metal in some kind of container, and pour the powder throughout. Wait for the mix to cool into solid metal
    3. Put the metal mix in some kind of very secure safe.
    4. Dig a hole, at least 6 feet deep, and bury the safe, in the most isolated place you can find at least 2 hours from the original location of the drive.
    5. Burn the computer the drive was in.
    Now your data is extra gone, and you could stop at the powder, but this is in a case where you cannot have a single soul recover or see that drive.

  2. Old video but I still don't know why back then you would use something like this over hdparm sec erase or nvme format on a live image of whatever Linux distribution.

  3. Hang on a min, ssds have a certain amount of time you can re-write? I used to always wipe my files and format and reinstall windows on the reg just because. Don't people regularly fill and wipe just to get the most spare memory available? I used to free up loads from old files

  4. Here's the free version for ya:
    Step 1: Boot into any Linux live ISO
    Step 2: Open a terminal and type: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/yourharddrivesdevicefile status=progress
    Step 3: Watch all your data get erased.

  5. I recall my older brother who worked at Hughes Aircraft in Culver City, CA telling me about the time some tech had put an inspection sticker directly onto a hard drive platter and how it was shattered when the head hit the sticker. Side note: My brother wrote the program for the F14 co-pilot's display.

  6. 0:39 Linus actually thinks file entries are stored in the GPT/MBR. ?
    File entries are actually stored in the file system. A file system is a partition of a disk. The size and location on disk of these partitions are described by the GPT/MBR. The GPT/MBR cares nothing about files.

  7. Has anyone accidentally deleted a 500gb partition? I did it on my Dad's pc a few years back ? I managed to sort it out with some software, I can't remember what it was though, it took 2 days to find every file!

  8. pretty sure that usb key just runs
    dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/sd* bs=4096 count=4096

    But yes pretty simple and easy to use userintferace, although i still find it kinda wierd, that this exists, somthing similarly easy could probably be done in a weekend or two

  9. linus just to let you know the windows reset with wiped drive just wipes the drive installs a fresh windows install by the cloud or either if ur pc isnt messed up and u just want it to be clean again it wipes all of the other things like programs pictures and if there are any dll errors it tries to fix them and launches the new windows while redkey on the other hand just dosent care about the os it just WIPES the entire hardrive/ssd or write random things to make the files obfuscated
    so the files ur seeing on the windows tools reset are the windows files so if u were to like put that drive in a pc and run it it would boot up windows and act like a fresh install while wiping files other then required to run windows and redkey well just writes the whole drive to random 0,s or anything u want

  10. i once spent a day smashing HDs with a sledgehammer for a govt facility as a secure disposal thing.

    this red key costs less & you get to keep the drives :p

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