Watch this BEFORE You Buy a Laptop! (Late 2021)

What’s the Best Laptop? These are my Top 10 Tips for choosing the Best Laptop for work, gaming & everyday use in 2021! ▶▶ AD – Check out the Samsung Galaxy Pro 360:

00:00 Intro waffle
00:30 1. Buy new or 2nd hand?
01:39 2. DIY Upgrades
02:40 3. Intel vs M1 MacBooks
04:09 4. What specs do you need?
05:50 AD – Galaxy Book Pro 360
07:20 5. Game Streaming?
08:08 6. Use a 2nd screen!
08:47 7. 16:10 FTW!
09:20 8. Screen Quality
10:20 9. Different Form Factors?
12:02 10. Try before you buy!
12:52 Outro waffle

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  1. Hi there, I'm an architecture student and I am between these two laptops.

    Asus vivobook x 14 pro with a graphic card nividia rtx 3050 4gb, intel i7, 16gb cpu, Light and thin

    Hp Zbook g5 , with a nivida quadro p5200 16gb, cpu 32gb, intel i7, and bit heavy.

    Which one do you recommend? I dind these two with great specs and afforadable , but don't know which is better for 3d renderings.

  2. I play genshin and my hp laptop that costed like 250 cant run it super well. Not that it cant run it but the graphics are not good at all and sometimes things in the game dont load or large cutscenes will freeze. I use it mainly for work though so is it necessary for me to get an entirely new laptop just for one game?

  3. Can the battery be replaced. That is the first question. Everything else is secondary because if not.. You will be getting a new laptop in 3 years and your old laptop will become e-waste..

  4. Last time I searched for a laptop that could game I wound up building my own custom pc. I found that it would cost the same or more if you wanted it to work well but I knew a laptop would never be as good as a pc. Now I’m deciding on a laptop and have been thinking of either a Dell XPS UHD with Nvidia gpu (I think it’s a 3050) or a MacBook Pro 14” (I’m having a very hard time deciding because it sounds like there drawbacks of both but they both also sound great).

    If anyone has any recommendations/advice I’d appreciate it.

    Note: I do not need to laptop to game on although that would be a huge bonus in case my pc ever had an issue. What I need is for it to run Photoshop very well (large files) and would prefer very good display for watching movies and such.

  5. Can you do something on laptops for outdoor use, tell us what's the best laptop to use outdoors. gloss screen out, presume need high nitts , from year 2018 to the latest. new or second hand etc

  6. I just ordered a Dell XPS ?? 11th gen i7, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD. Did my research and wanted something really future proof. Buy once, cry once ? my parents are using a really old Chromebook though and they like the simplicity of them. I’m thinking of getting them a new one of those for their birthdays which are in the same week haha. Great vid as always

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