Ultrawide Monitors Tips! A Better Way to Use Them – DisplayFusion Windows Management

Ultrawide Monitors are great but managing multiple windows on them can sometimes be a pain compared to having a multi-monitor setup instead. But I think I found the “almost” perfect solution to take full advantage of your ultrawide monitor

*NOT SPONSORED* (Unfortunately everything sounds like an ad these days) This is just the best app I could find and bought for myself but I’m open to suggestions if anyone finds something better

You’ll need the Pro version of DisplayFusion to get the Monitor Split feature but you can try their 30 day free trial to make it works for you before you commit

DisplayFusion Guide to Monitor Splits:

ImprovedTube Chrome Plugin:

My Ultrawide Monitor – Dell U3415 34″ 3440×1440

Monitor Arm: VIVO V001

Desktop Wallpaper:


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  1. Hi, I know this is a few years old now but I'm hoping things would have improved? Have you found anything better?

    DisplayFusion has this disclaimer:

    Note: It's not currently possible to constrain full screen videos or full screen games to monitor splits.

    Do you know of anything that would take account for the splits when things run in full screen?

    Also, something that the machine thinks the splits are multiple screens, so a single section can be shared as Screen 1 etc.?

  2. Have you heard of Microsoft power toys? It's basically the same thing but by Microsoft. Also it's free and blends in rather good optically with windows. Also has the nice shortcuts you mentioned.

  3. I liked the video and the info was very helpful. Thank you. Just wished I did not have to deal with that annoying background music which at times made it hard to understand what you were saying. All in all very good info.

  4. That seems to be a useful tool, but my problem is unique.

    I have a 49" curved monitor and I love working on it.

    The problem? I have to jump on client calls (Zoom) and present my scripts and ads to them, show the screen and tell them what I did and why.

    If I put my laptop in clamshell mode, and present my monitor's screen, words appear so small that they cannot read them.

    What I do is have the laptop as secondary screen and present my work only on that screen. However, that setup takes too much desk space and I want to be able to present my work on my big monitor.

    Can this tool or some other tool turn one big monitor screen into 3 different displays? I'm not talking about windows here. I need to turn my one big display into 3 and then I can present my work on any of them.

    Sorry if it was too much for you, but lemme know if you know a solution for my problem. Thanks in advance.

  5. My issue is sharing (Zoom/WebEx/etc.) my ultra-wide 43" Samsung. Even if I share a browser or app that is only 1/2 screen, those I share with get my full 43" screen. Can I show a better viewing of my screen using this displyfussion software?

  6. Hi.. i just bought my first 21:9 monitor (LG 34GL750) and after watching this video, i just went to the website and bought that software. Anyways if by any random good luck you read this and you know any newer/better software, i will appreciate A LOT you let me know. PS: I know this is not sponsored video, because the link doesn't include any specific ID. THANK YOU!!!

  7. Question time: I currently run a triple screen setup. And using that, I can run games on the center screen:1 in full screen while at the same time have the left and right screens 2 and 3 "awake" for other windows (imagine running a flight sim with maps etc).
    Could this be done with Display fusion? The question I'm really asking is: will full screen programs treat a Display Fusion Virtual Screen as a Real Screen?

  8. this is exactly what Iwanted. I was hesitant to get an ultrawide monitor to replace my 3 monitors because i wanted an easy way to maximize screens on each respective screen. The fact that i can creat "Virtual monitors" and still perform that function is awesome. Definitely going to shop now for a large screen and use DisplayFusion

  9. interresting what you do on your computer, i also do a lot of stuff …. but that doesnt explain how to do use Display Fusion (was probably not even the objective of this vid) … so bottom line : watching this is a waste of time.

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