Tech Tips: How to create a strong password.

A strong password is key to protecting your info online. Hackers use computer programs to crack weak passwords. No password is 100% secure all of the time, but Geek Squad Agent Meade has some tips to help you create a password that’s hard to hack and easy to remember. While you watch, remember this: don’t copy what the Agent does exactly. Use these tips to create a password that’s unique to you.

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  1. Make sure your password is not easily guessed by your colleagues and friends. Do not use words or numbers or phrases associated with you. For example a huge mcu fan should not use
    Hulksmash123 as a password.

    Memorise a short sentence. Make it weird and memorable. Make sure it is not a phrase you often use or something you shared with your friends. Say you told your friends your ex gf got fat.
    Do not use that .

    Instead something completely random.


  2. remember if you just follow these rule accordingly,your password would be super dangerous,and if database itself is cracked,your personal info can be stolen in the process!

    mix it up mix up mix it up!
    it is all about it,just be yourself do typo and remember the typo,just remember the feeling so you can start CAP WHEN YOU wantToyElliNg

    tho mix with cap is only make it 50% hard in each digit,but it could stack up,and typo is even better because dictionary might not save the wrong word into it

    use paper to remember something is nice,but dont make full guide to it,just the key element and reordered detail,dont make it obvious
    use the password savor can be dangerous if the software it self is malicious or just got hack because it is the common target

    long password is certainly better than short password,the only problem is no all password give you like 200+ digits,so you have to use the limited space wisely and be rebel use more uncommon or long forgotten thing

    and do some number based encode is even better:>

  3. My theory is that its good to use words in different languages that use English letters. You can use a short sentence in that language that no one would even think about. For instance, if your favorite movie is "The Godfather," you can use a 20 word quote in Italian and you'll always remember it. On paper it looks like a bunch of random letters, and you can add some capital letters and numbers to it to make it even harder. It's almost as secure as Fort Knox.


    -Please Create A Password
    -Password Must Contain 8 Or More Characters
    -Password Must Contain At Least 1 Numerical Character
    ‘1 Boiled Cabbage’
    -Password May Not Have Spaces
    -Password May Contain Personal Information
    -Password Is Already In Use
    ‘ ‘


    -Please enter your new password.


    -Sorry, the password must have 8 characters.

    “boiled cabbage”

    -Sorry, the password must contain 1 numerical character.

    “1 boiled cabbage”

    -Sorry, the password cannot have blank spaces.


    -Sorry, the password cannot use more than one upper

    case character consecutively.



    -Sorry, the password cannot contain punctuation.




    -Sorry, that password is already in use.

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