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  1. I think they're trying to have broader appeal over christmas as there will people who are less tech savy who need the most advise over the holiday period.. CNET need to cover all bases not just for those who know what they're talking about. This is basically a starter guide and should be taken as such..This is probably why there's also the association with Best Buy on their recent videos… With regards to the keyboard part, well MS provide keyboard cases themselves compared to the third party ones which come for iPads hence why they mentioned it, but I kinda get where you're coming from on that.. And they're not going to cover every type of tablet out there, that wasn't the point, it was just to get an idea of what to look for when purchasing.. just key points… For more information visit your local Best Buy store! 😉 

  2. idiots guide. tablets dont have keyboards. you dont show a different tablet with an extra add on keyboard over another as a feature. what the hell is going on in cnet? are there any editors at cnet or do these "hosts" just publish whatever bull they want?
    Brought to you by Best Buy

  3. Also keep in mind, you cannot download exe files on tablets or chromebooks. all downloads are under the Google empire via the Google store. where you could only download apps, that half the time dont even work. and if we keep funding this Google Empire. the entire internet might look like one big Google app store.

  4. The surface RT/surface 2 is probably the best in my opinion, it can do your work and transfer the document to a real computer as they both have a full size usb port ,play a few games,watch films and Internet browsing.its so productive in my experience of one 🙂

  5. Just watched this after watching Brian Colleys' HDTV Buying Guide and I have to say that I learned nothing from this video as opposed to the previous video. Mainly due to the format of two people talking to each other with very little information actually being said. Halfway through I felt that this was the first CNET video that was actually produce by CBS. That's not a complement.

  6. honestly if want a screen bigger than a conventional phone, the best thing to do would be to get a note 2/3. the s pen feels awesome. however, for any real work, the best option is to get a small light net-book or laptop. the touchscreen doesn't really compete with mouse and keyboard combo. plus attaching usb drives to a laptop and notebook is a lot better plus the clam shell works to protect the screen.

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