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  1. What you smoking? Its not about being passionate its about what you need and what you prefer, I prefer a steel case because it feels more robust, some people prefer aluminium whatever O.o, but in the end it is all down to the user and what their preferences are, so please don't try to push your biased opinions on someone else.

  2. yeah go ahead and like you shit elephant sized steel shit case. i will buy my aluminium case. people who really understand shit about computer or are passionate about cases, would buy aluminium, instead of being corsair fanboys.

  3. god corsair is nothing but fanboy fuking lovers. its really starting to annoy the hell out of me. the 900d is horseshit you morons. omg, only corsair could pull the rug over your eyes and get away with not making a 300+ case out of aluminum, i don't even need anything else to put down the 900d, all i have to say is the 900d is not made out of aluminum. it has some aluminum and cheap ass heavy fucking steel.

  4. if only they would release a thicker ML02 with dual graphic slot capacity (and sfx powersupply support)… it would make a great comp to hide near the tv

  5. Linus…. have you heard about Ergotron Arms…? They are the best when it comes to that kind of stuff…. and even the design of that thing really resembles Ergotron's LX Side-by-Side Arm…

  6. How long do you have until you have to change the air filter? And what is the cost? The air flow has to be horrible. A can of compressed air and a case with more air flow seems like a much better option. I like the innovation though.

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