M2 MacBook Air Review: More Than a Refresh!

2022 MacBook Air M2: Impressively thin. Deceivingly expensive ?
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Laptop provided by Apple for review.


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  1. Fingerprint situation solved: apply liquid nano sqreen protector liquid eg. Spigen TR nano liquid. It is long lasting and leaves no fingerprints at all. Does not change the color of the aluminum.

  2. Why is Apple offering 256GB SSD in 2022? This is scandalous. Sure you can go buy external drive. That's another port used. Apple is always upselling & next gen baiting. Great products but they've profiteers.

  3. Yes Marques your a fan boy who can afford these laptops . Every year its a new laptop always greater and faster than the previous one. Apple take the mic i rem. buying the ipad first addition i was chuffed. The following year came the upgrade. The first addition was not the all singing all dancing i thought it was. That’s when i thought it been coned . My hard earned money was already out of date within a twelve month. I was not happy. I don’t earn a lot it was a lot to me to what I thought was a investment. I felt dirtied on (shit on) I’ve never liked that feeling.

  4. i was very apprehensive about buying this laptop after seeing this video. month and a half later and i absolutely love it. perfect for my college and personal needs.

  5. I bought the M2 Air with 10-core GPU and 512gb last month and loved it till it started having delays and crashes. Gonna try to use AppleCare to fix it but you’ve been warned!! Also the heating issue is crazy. Reaches a lot sooner than you think

  6. ever since m1 came out I switched to completely apple. Rocking a m1 Mac mini I got for $400, but since I need a laptop for school I'm getting the base model Mac air with the m2. The only reason I got the m2 instead of the m1 was seriously just the design. My Mac mini can handle most of the creative stuff I do, and the stuff it can't I just go to the school studio. Once Im done school I plan on getting a maxed out iMac Pro, hopefully by then they have one with an m3 ultra chip or something gnarly.

  7. Marques for the price of this laptop face recognition should be on there plus as you say usb C on both sides. It’s expensive the bells and whistles should be there on the 2022 model. We are always a little short shipped with Apple keep something back but make em pay

  8. I couldn't settle on a color, so recently bough the silver!! How's the finish of the Midnight been holding up? The ones I saw in store had small chips on corners & had exposed metal from scratches around the ports (really bad on charging port & type C's). Still have time to exchange

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