iPod & iPhone Tips : How to Erase Songs From an iPod Hard Drive

Erase songs from an iPod hard drive by opening up iTunes on a computer, deleting the songs from the iTunes library, connecting the iPod to the computer and waiting for the syching process to complete. Delete songs from either the computer hard drive, the iPod hard drive or both with instructions from the manager of a cell phone store in this free video on iPods.

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  1. Hey. I added some songs to my iphone, later i was filming and ran out of memory. My iphone deleted the music… And when i went on itunes on my computer it said it was there, but when i plugged it out it was still gone. I deleted all my pictures and videos, and syncronisised it again. It was still gone… I deleted the songs from itunes like you said, and added them again but it didnt fix it.


  2. lmao
    im watching a fkin video on how to delete the music from my iphone, thats sick
    anyways, thanx to hte guy that said it could be deleted from iphone directly bu swip on it xD

  3. No way to put music directly on an iphone? Bullshit mine is jailbroken. Theres airbox for wireless file transfer and theres usb drive emulation. i have VLC player ported on my phone, using it to with AIR BOX is awesome. I can play like ANY media file. Syncing is annoying as hell. Theres no reason for it to exist. I had to jailbrake my phone just to get features it SHOULD HAVE HAD IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

  4. dude i have a problem! My retarded friend accidentaly unplugged my iphone when we were transfering some music and now there is a list of those songs in my phone and they are unsyncronised 🙁 how do i remove them!!!

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