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  1. I overreacted because pretty much all of the ignorant n00bs, such as yourself, always make the same assumption. I can accept gay people in society, although I am not myself.

  2. don't even reply to him man, have you seen how much anger is in his other replies. I mean, he probably has a mountain of discs and shitty internet, probably why he is so mad with the world

  3. sorry for embracing current technology. i'll just go grab my floppy disks. optical drives are no longer necessary; everything that can be done with them can be done without them. if the instance comes that someone needs one there are perfectly good peripheral devises that can be used. optical media is inefficiency and volatile compared to direct downloads or other forms of media storage/access.

  4. Well for someone who wants to use the optical drive, there are other notebooks. But somthing like 95% people don't use them, so i dont see any reason to put them in notebooks. I dont even remeber when i used the optical drive for the last time.
    And BTW, this one is quite strong. Its made out of metal. If you want to carry your notebook alot, you want it to be as thin and light as possible. I dont see any problem with that. I would pick buy this immediately if it was cheaper.

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