8 Tips to improve battery life on Android phones | Pocketnow

Our phones get more and more powerful, and while battery technology has improved, it hasn’t increased at the same rate we use our mobile gadgets. Taking a quick look at Android today, here are 8 tips to improve battery life on your phone, though you probably won’t want to do them…

9 Battery Tips for iPhones

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8 Tips to improve battery life on Android phones | Pocketnow


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  1. 1. Use stock apps
    2. Dim screen brightness
    3. Reduce screen timeout
    4. Use dark mode
    5. Remove widgets
    6. Manage app permissions
    7. Turn off sync for apps you don't need
    8. Clear the cache of Google Play services
    9. Turn off Google's usage and diagnostics
    10. Opt-out of personalized based ads
    11. Turn off nearby device scanning
    12. Turn off WiFi scanning and bluetooth scanning
    13. Turn off location history
    14. Block notification you don't need
    15. Turn off install apps from unknown source
    16. Turn off auto update and auto play on play store
    17. Turn off WiFi while charging
    18. Use original charger

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  3. Get rid of all traces of Google services on your phone. All that constant reading of the g-sensors, listening to every word you say, non-stop WiFi scanning for location (even when WiFi/location are toggled off), and constantly phoning home harvesting your data will kill your battery. De-Google your phone, and triple your phone's battery performance!

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