 Mac Tips – How to Erase your Mac OS X Hard Drive – 2015

If you are selling your computer on ebay or craigslist or simply giving it away make sure your have erased your computer using a secure method. Also don’t forget to de-authorize your Mac from Itunes before you do this. How to Wipe a Mac Clean to Sell/Give Away.

Disclaimer – use these tips and all Mac tips on this channel at your own risk. – mac tips youtube

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  1. Hi Shani, Does this method erase my apps as well? I want to keep my apps and remove the data on my hard drive. I have no more room on my computer even thought I store everything on my external hard drive.

  2. Hi Shani
    I bought a computer from my school, to use as my own. however, they did not erase anything off of it so I can not use it to its full extent seeing how there are still so many restrictions still on the computer. I have tried using this technique over 20 times trying to get to the screen you are on. but i still being directed to my desktop. any suggestions?

  3. Hi Shani, I have never wiped my Macintosh HD but yes I did wiped my External hard drive using Disk Utility 7 Passes. Frustratingly, it took several hours to wipe my HDD but when it finished I took a deep breath. I second your comment in the desciption – 'deauthorizing itunes'. I hope you feel great by reading my feedback. Meanwhile, I am your 778 Subscriber. Just got myself on to the Youtube and submitted this Mac tip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxoBWgjNWSc

  4. Man I am so glad I subscribed to you! I actually just developed a problem and I need to erase everything on my hard drive. I have a couple of quick questions tho.

    Number 1: I have a blue tooth wireless keyboard and mouse. Will I still be able to follow these steps or do I need a keyboard that's wired and physically connected? If I need a physical connection can I follow these steps with a Microsoft PC keyboard? Are the buttons I need to press different than on a Mac keyboard?

    Number 2: I want to be able to delete everything. Like I mean really everything. I had my buddy install some apps and they aren't working right. It's possible that one of them is corrupt and it cause other apps to crash 🙁
    So I need to make sure that there is absolutely no trace of any programs, apps, files, etc on my computer. Will this help?

    Number 3: After I delete everything, then what happens? Does my Mac (Mini in my case) automatically turn on with Yosemite or are there additional steps to re-install the operating system?

    Thanks in advance!

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