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  1. I know majority of people know of Apple's OS or Microsoft's Windows- but there is a 3rd option- Linux (free, up do to date forever, have great tools to replace the money bought softwars like GIMP instead of photoshop).
    Get a refurbished or a no OS computer and it will probably be the best deal for most students.
    P.S – I say most students because I think heavy gamers won't get along with Linux, and students who might need a specific software to work with might not do well with it.

  2. Unless you have specific program(s) that require Windows or Mac, I strongly recommend going with a Chromebook. They're typically the least expensive (often start around $150 or less) and even with the most meager hardware, are still very fast since the OS is so lean and efficient. And because of that efficiency, they also tend to have the longest battery life.

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