This Laptop has NO Laptop Inside – What??

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The NexDock 2 is a laptop dock for phones, or a Raspberry Pi, or pretty much anything with an HDMI port. It could enable a smartphone-powered future, but is it worth the hassle now?

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  1. The NextDock needs to go ultra premium instead of this. It's a hollow shell that doesn't have any of the traditional PC components. They don't need to put a CPU, a GPU, RAM or SSDs in there. They don't need to engineer how to fit and cool those components inside the chassis. The appeal should be that it's as good looking as a very expensive laptop, with the kicker that it won't get outdated because you'll upgrade your phone and it gets to share that upgrade too. It should have a great screen panel, it should have great audio, it should have a great keyboard and trackpad. For a device that promises that you won't need to throw out of the window in a few years, it should take advantage of its unique positioning in the tech world and do more with the extra space and budget they've got. And… I don't know, maybe figure out a way to place your phone somewhere convenient?

  2. If they somehow find a way to employ wireless Dex into that through something like a built in low latency wifi hotspot and a NFC tag to enable something like tap to connect. Maybe even add a reverse wireless charging on a pull out tray or something to still charge your device so it doesn't block you from use.

  3. I don't use nexdock, but I do use Samsung Dex with Termux/Debian proot as my main "pc" now. I can do pretty much everything a desktop user can do, including playing some games from my steam library with GeForce Now and older classics with Magic Dosbox. I can connect to a portable monitor if I need a larger screen, but I can get by just fine with the Samsung Fold 3 screen too.

  4. Is there something the opposite of this? Smartphones as glorified controllers?

    I'm currently trying out emulating Punishing Gray Raven on pc since my old phone is not powerful enough for smooth gameplay. The emulation works fine but the ping system in PGR makes PC gameplay rather awkward.

    So it'd be great if there was something that could offload processing to PC while still using the display and touch controls of a phone.

    Or just a touchscreen game controller.

  5. I'm a big supporter of docks that turn your phone into a laptop and docks that turn your laptop into a desktop. I'm just waiting for the first dockable dock.

  6. This concept has failed in the past (with the Motorola lapdock) and will most likely fail again. The Nexdock is just a modern approach with literally the same concept. I feel like the only way this idea will take off is if Apple does it, which I doubt they will.

  7. I can't believe Linus AND the comments failed to see the utility in the SERVER ROOM!

    No more dragging a cart with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse around. Even more so for admins on the go. I've got way too many headless machines in my life, and this thing is idea. The only thing missing is a serial port with dumb terminal mode.

  8. BRO I STG I HAD FORGOT ABOUT THE PROJECT LINDA!!! I swear i literally bought two razer ph0nes cause of it but nothing came of it. If any other company makes a similar device id buy a couple no questions asked, but for me the integration of the phpne as a trackpad is essential for portability.

  9. This is actually a sci-fi concept, docking your phone into larger interfaces, all the way up to like movie theater scale. Though some sci-fi just expands the screen by having the phone project a hologram

  10. Do you think they will try and have your phone plug into and become the touchpad again? That would make a LOT of sense, and most phones are Already Pretty Thin. They could put a piece of metal or plastic as a riser to ensure the phone is flush with the system🤷🏻‍♂️

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