Tech Tips: How to set up a TV antenna.

An over-the-air TV antenna is a great way to say goodbye to cable while still getting local channels. Agent Lee will show you how easy it is to set up an antenna on your TV. You’ll need a TV with a digital tuner and a digital antenna – a connected computer or smart device is optional. Agent Lee will be using an Insignia amplified indoor antenna connected to an Insignia TV with built-in digital tuner, and an HP laptop to look up local channel listings.

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  1. Mines been working fine for years, but i just lost all signal while moving some other stuff around. I didn't touch any of the wires on the antenna, or move it anywhere, so I'm not sure what the problem is. What can I do about that?

  2. What causes OTA channels to freeze for a couple seconds then fast forward to catch up. Both video and audio studder occasionally. I have an outdoor antenna on rotor. Even when turned straight at the broadcast tower this happens. Not all channels just some.

  3. If you get far fewer channels than you thought you'd get, or even get no channels at all, check to make sure your wire connections to the TV, antenna, amplifier, etc. are tight. Sometimes, moving the wires around can cause them to twist. If they twist the right direction, they can actually loosen the connections. I've solved a lot of signal issues this way.

    I love using over the air antenna because it saves me a lot of money that I can use for other things such as streaming channels that let me 'gasp' watch what I actually want to watch without having to slog through commercials. Much better than cable or satellite TV. It blows Cox's mind, but I really do only want cable internet and do not want to bundle with cable TV and telephone.

  4. Big problem smarty, anybody using an antenna to bring in channels doesn't have a computer access. Anybody who's trying to bring in antenna access doesn't have a compatible television. I know you mean well.

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